We would like to thank our rapidly-growing customer base for their repeat business!

There can't be a much better indication of the quality of our products, when customers come back to buy from our store time after time!

We now have customers from all over the world; including faraway places like Brazil, Chile, South Africa, Hong Kong, Slovakia, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Estonia, New Zealand, Alaska, Japan, Cambodia, UAE, Marshall Islands, Hawaii, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Singapore and many more!

We make sissy dresses, maids dresses, French Maid uniforms, satin panties, satin lingerie, jodhpurs, sissy uniforms, satin accessories, pvc dresses, catsuits etc of the very highest quality!

Below, are just a handful of the unsolicited feedback emails we have received:

feedback Great fit, very sexy, well made, nice color. My husband loves to see me in them.
feedback Great fit very well made, perfect in every way will buy more things from this store very sexy I love them.
Panty Lover
feedback I just wanted to say how happy I am with everything Ive bought from your store. Everything is really great quality and it really brings out the Sissy in me.
B Wicker
feedback I received the product that I ordered the other day without any problems. The item is very nice, and I'm very pleased with it. Thank you very much. I would appreciate your cooperation again if there is an opportunity in the future.
Youhei Mogi, Japan
feedback I had no opportunity so far but I would like to say thank you. My new dress is so cute and wonderful, so wonderfully girlish with this really short skirt. the tutu is pretty full and stands out cheekily at 90 degree angle. I like to wear it, my most beautiful dress so far. babypink in combination with baby blue is really gorgeous. I wish all clothes had such a cute short skirt. So ceri micro-french-maid is my favorite dress. so cute, so pretty, and I can see my panties in the mirror. thanks for that!!!
feedback Just received my 7" classic bed heels and they are a dream come true for me, I have always wanted an extreme high arched shoe. The heel and arch are so wonderfully high.
feedback Omg I got my plastic kisses panties and bra and they are quite literally the most exquisite feeling thing I've ever worn. I'm so happy with them. Thank you so much! Xoxo
feedback Thank you for quick turnaround and quality customer service!!! Can't wait to do business again!
feedback Dear ladies and gentlemen, Thanks for the beautiful gowns. I ordered these gowns for a friend of mine He already got a kick at the fitting and is very happy with it.
feedback omg, My new dress is so beautiful and fits perfectly this time. The skirt is as wonderfully short as I wished. I will order this dress in other materials PVC Satin. I just love it. thank you very much for that. I am full of joy.
J Schaffner
feedback I have now received 8 maid uniforms, plus petticoats and panties from you. I am extremely pleased with the designs, the prices, the fabrics, the sizing, the quality of construction and your delivery time frames. PLEASE tell the people that do the sizing and the making of the uniforms... Thank you for your excellent work! And thank you for providing me with so much fun stuff!
feedback I've received the order, and im just loving it! Suits and feels dreamily amazing <3 Haven't really found other shops out there that sells as good as you do, 5/5 stars. You took the order fast and shipped it early with very informative notes about the order. Will most likely shop here again in the future!! :)
Regards: S.P
feedback Just to say how nice these satin panties are. They show off my bottom well and your colours pink and light blue are great; I have ordered three more.
feedback Hi! I just wanted to thank you for the amazing service! I received the order two weeks ago and I am very happy with all items! They are all very well made and do look amazingly good! So again thank you very much for all your effort and your very great service! I wish you all the best, many regards!
feedback The dress has arrived, and all is good. I would like to thank you and your team for your wonderful customer service, and the exceptionally good work you do. The trixie dress in dark blue is just so gorgeous. I may need to post a picture, words just can not describe it. Thank you again!!
feedback Order arrived safe. Very quick service thank u have items now. The dresses are really wonderful. I have stopped using my supplier of over 20 years as your product is of excellent quality and well made. They always fit well and last well.
Many thanks, Mr T
feedback I got my babydolls back today. Absolute perfection! Thank you so much for the modifications.
feedback Just wanted to thank you for my new panties, they are gorgeous. I custom ordered the teeny waitress panties and paisy fukkpant panties in 100% clear plastic. I love wearing them around the house, they are so sexy. You got me hooked on plastic panties.
feedback Have received my Plastic Serving French Maid, Keila French Maid and panties. I am VERY pleased with my two orders. You have great designs, very good materials, quality work and they fit VERY well. Excellent value, and I look forward to many more purchases ahead. Thank you!
feedback I just had to give you guys a shout-out, positive feedback, about the goods i got of which i ordered. I must say that the products i received are VERY NICE! Though i have NOT used the products i received yet, i can see that the products are made of at least good quality. I was impressed with every aspect of the goods i received, transaction process, and delivery process. Doing business with a foreign country, me in the U.S.A., i expected some issues but none ever present throughout! When i received my sissy cuffs/collar, heels, bows, and panties, i just just very impression of the look, feel, and quality of it all. I noticed A LOT of care went into making them and EVEN packaging them too. The MOST CRITICAL item, heels, was my MOST greatest concern! Getting the size right CRUCIAL! As if the heels don't fit, then i would be forced to deal with the hassles of getting what i want in the right size. I provided the exact measurements as i possibly could and you guys aced it 100%! The heels fit PERFECTLY! You guys have A LOT of AMAZING stuff on the site. MOST of which i want to get and will in the future! This was my first time ever buying anything from this site and was VERY pleased with EVERYTHING. Was my first, WON'T be my last! With so much awesome cute stuff, i WILL be buying A LOT more goodies from you guys! This site is like a sissy's dream come true!!
feedback Hello, I received the parcel. The panties are charming, realized well, a real pleasure to wear.
Cordially :)
feedback Hi, was very happy with dresses. Was just saying clear plastic very different from slippery will be ordering more and more panties soon.
Thanks for everything, Mr T
feedback Order has arrived. Very nice so pleased. Will be ordering another dress.
Many thanks, Trevor
feedback Hello, I'm a recent customer and received my order of Prissy Sissy Gemima on Saturday. I must say I am in LOVE with the dress! I didn't order it for fetish reasons but just because I am a trans girl and love your entire range! (Though the bf likes it that way so its win win) When I put on the dress I felt so feminine my Dysphoria went away! Thank you guys so much!! I love you all!
feedback I absolutely love it!!! I won't go into detail but it almost feels better than it looks! I have wanted this since I first saw it, I'm so happy I finally did. Thank you.
Michelle Renee
feedback Hello, I am just sending this message to let you all know that I received the items I ordered, and I am very happy with all the items, it is all just as amazing as i had hoped it would be, and I am surprised how fast it was made and how quickly it was shipped. I also wanted to express my appreciation to everyone who made this possible. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Wishing everyone well from the other side of the world.
feedback Hello. Just want report my order come to me today and all was good. Thank you very much for nice quality and for pink satin bag for hold shoes in it. With best wishes.
feedback Today my PVC Ruffle Maid dress and matching panties arrived. The quality is amazing, the fit perfect! Thank you!!!!! My wife is very pleased to see me dressed as her personal sissy french maid! The dress was a gift from her, to celebrate my first full year of chastity! First of many years. Will buy again!
feedback Items have arrived safely, all looks good thanks for the quick turnaround.
feedback I want to thank you so much for your excellent products, they are comfortable and fit perfectly delivery is quite quick, I have had a Slippery Plastic French Maids outfit, Pure PVC Panties and Benita Lace trim Satin Panties for over a year now and wear them most days they are as good as new such a reflection of your seamstresses excellent work along with the quality of your materials, I am so used to getting dressed and made up each day after work or on the weekend both I and my wife love it.
Maid Phil
feedback I already received the packages (they) are a love!!!! Excellent products!
Koko, Mexico
feedback Salutations to all the lovely folk at the BirchPlaceShop thank you for my new, beautiful stain and PVC panties (I just love wearing one of the many pairs I have), as with all the other adorable articles of clothing Ive received from you they are faultless. The deep purple is more appealing than I thought looking at the swatch; so have buy one of your PVC dresses to match them. Heart felt thanks to the whole team.

Sally xx
feedback You guys have so much wonderful stuff, more than a single shopping trip.
feedback Hello, yesterday I've received my order. Everything is ok and I'm very pleased. Thanks for the great sissy stuff. Now I've got some great new outfits.
sissy svenja
feedback I have just received my order and would like to thank you for the speedy service! The items fit perfectly (custom measurements) and are of the highest quality. Thank you so much!!!!

feedback I'd like to take the opportunity to thank you all for the outstanding quality and feel of my previous order, the Mimi Satin Long Prom Dress. Your work is excellent! Have a nice weekend!
S. K.
feedback Just wanted to say thank you. The maid dress was delivered yesterday and is perfect. Really impressed with the whole process and thank you for your help in sorting the order out. We will be back for other orders - we already have a good idea what the next one will be.
feedback Really amazing products you are making you're different panties are first class, and so nice to have on.
feedback I wanted to tell you my dress is beautiful!!! I had to wait for help putting it on, but, omg, we loved it! will definitely be ordering more from you. in the future have a great day! (and the bow too) :)
feedback I received the slave tags and I love them! Thank you very much for all the professionalism.
Best regards, Ezada Sinn
feedback Just been fitted into my new satin maids hobble dress by my madam. It is beyond perfect. It fits soooooo tightly and I can hardly walk in it. As always it's made to the highest of standards and is beyond my wildest dreams. Thank you. Must dash as madam is calling me to pour her a drink. How can I walk to her. xxxx
Maid Charlotte
feedback My Debbie Satin and Lace Babydolls arrived and I just have to tell you they are absolutely darling. Perfectly made, one in pretty pink and one in baby blue just like your gorgeous models are wearing on the website. Sometimes I wear pretty pink and sometimes I wear baby blue while my wife wears the other color. We do this for playtime or just dressing up for fun. Add sheer pink or baby blue panties and white nylons with heels to really make it hot! Having fun has never been so hard! Thank you. Your store makes it soooo much fun!
Niki CD
feedback Hello. You have very lovely store here and nice things I enjoy your styles and your models. Thank you very much for this.
feedback I love your outfits! They are so well made and comfy!
feedback Hello. Just writing to say that I've received this order safely today. As always.. I'm very pleased with the completed order.
Thank you. Ian
feedback Hello and thank you for the lovely plastic dolly I have recently received. It fits like a glove and is the most feminine item of clothing that I have ever worn to the extent that I never want to take it off. It is beautifully made and is a credit to the creative abilities of your seamstresses. I have also ordered a pvc dolly and I definitely plan to be a regular customer from now on.
Best wishes, Mickey X
feedback Hello. Thank you for the above order which was safely delivered to my address here in London. They look VERY nice. I look forward to placing further orders in the near future.
Yours sincerely, I. S.
feedback My yellow Prissy Sissy Tinkerbelle dress arrived a few days ago and I have been so excited waiting to try it on. Finally, I was able to wear it today and am wearing it while I write this. As always the fit is perfect and it is so well made. I always like things to match so I am wearing my new dress with a lacy yellow bra and panty set along with sheer yellow camisole, pouffy yellow petticoat with garter belt, sheer yellow nylons and lemon yellow heels. I love your products and I cant wait for my wife to come home and see how sexy and feminine I look. Your shop is the best.
Niki CD
feedback I just wanted to let you know I received my two orders today and I very pleased. Looking forward to trying everything on in a little while. Looks as though everything will fit well. Everything you send me always does because you use my custom sizes. Thank you all so very much for the beautiful clothes!
feedback Thank you so much for my lovely Maids outfits, they fit so well and feel so sexy! Thanks to those who made them, they did such a good job.
feedback Just to say a big thank you my order arrived today,gorgeous really beautiful fabulous stunningly gorgeous again thank you for as ever top quality very comfortable to wear size perfect.
Yours Sincerely, Michelle
feedback Just to say thank you for making such a great job making Clare's organza gown. Clare is over the moon it fits a dream.
feedback Just a shout out to say a big Thank You! I received my order today and I am so pleased. Thank you for designing such beautiful clothes that fit me so well. Kisses to you all. I appreciate all you do for me!
feedback Thank you so much for all the quality and beautiful items that are so finely crafted! This company is world class quality! thanks again for wonderful fantasy items!
T Butler
feedback The teddy arrived safe and sound, just in time for Christmas as hoped. I'd ordered this same item a couple years or so ago, but I managed to drop a lot of weight since then and really needed a replacement in a new and custom size. It's wonderfully form-fitting, soft, comfy and just a dream to fall asleep in. Thanks so much!
feedback She opened her present last night, (I saved that one for last), and she loves them! Fit perfect. :)
feedback I wanted to tell you that I was once again happy with my order. I especially enjoyed the yellow Baby Frilly panties and wanted to thank the seamstress for they are fantastic and just the way I wanted them.
feedback Good news I got my package delivered to me this past Saturday. When i opened the package everything was proper looking.Everything looked so wonderful just as pics and description on web shown. When i went to put it on it fit absolutely wonderful.Coverage and look were very close to what pics had lead to assume. the feel was amazing luxurious satin felt so amazing a very good stock of satin you use in your lines.
T. C.
feedback I received my first order today. The garments are even more amazing in person than in the pictures. Thank you for all your help, and I look forward to receiving my next order. Congratulations on an amazing website and brilliant customer service.
Happy maid x
feedback My order arrived yesterday and it is even better than I anticipated. It is well made, very pretty and I am absolutely delighted with it. Thank you.
Kind regards, Paula
feedback Many thanks to you for the lovely new pillowcases, when I ordered some last time my partner said she didn't want any but then always stole mine. Not only do you supply wonderful goodies you may have helped keep the peace between us.
best wishes Sally & Em
feedback I would like to thanks you so much for the beautiful sissy maid uniforms, the quality to each of them and the feeling when I wear them :)
feedback My black Augustina French Maid dress arrived and, as usual, it is simply fantastic. I love wearing it and my wife tells me she likes the way it shows the top of my stockings as well as a little bit of my lace panties. The glass silk material also lets my lacy bra show through and makes me feel incredibly feminine and sexy. So well made. Thank you. I just wish I could just wear it all the time.
Niki CD
feedback The shoes are incredible! My favorite item.
feedback My Beatrice Sissy Panties in Dolly Pink Slippery Plastic, satin lined with white pleated ruffles and double layered lace arrived today, they are just so beautiful, fit perfectly and are most comfortable they are just so very, very sexy in appearance and feel my wife already is pestering to try them on, as usual the quality of workmanship and materials is really evident. Thank you such a terrific shop with fabulous service.
feedback Hello I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your great customer service. Its nice that it went so smoothly. Have a great day :)
feedback I have had my smokey slippery plastic french maids outfit for five months now and would like to inform you it is still so very wonderful and comfortable I wear it every day mainly with my PVC panties, stockings and heels, while previously my wife would make me up and fit a wig I am now able to do that myself, your products are just terrific, fit perfectly and have great quality in every aspect. Thank you so much you have just the greatest shop.
feedback Your products are always made with care And are always top quality and fit beautifully. There is nowhere else that You can buy dresses and bras and panties and all kinds of other girly things And just know that they will always be perfect.
Niki CD
feedback just received today a beautiful Prissy Bow Beauty dress in red with black trims. I love it, absolutely stunning, well worth waiting for. I am very pleased with all the outfits I have had from you, absolutely beautiful.
Kind regards, P Mitchell
feedback I LOVE MY NEW DRESSES! The fit is perfect and quality is simply fantastic. Words cannot express how happy this order has made me. Thank you so much!
D Jenkins
feedback Thanks for my order I'm really pleased with my new white organza bloomers there stunning. I'm looking forward to wearing them most days.

yours Clare xxx
feedback Thank you so much for you wonderful store and Employees. I received my order and everything is Perfect and Wonderful. I Love it all and will be buying much more products from you. Thank you.
Love Sissy Sondra
feedback These clear plastic panties with crotchless slit are stunning, can't wait to see my woman in these. Now i'm going to order the same thing in the dolly pink. Thanks to the hard working crew, love your work.
feedback Thank you for your wonderful work this sissy slut cannot begin to tell you how grateful she is for all of your fantastic products. I hope you continue to make your amazing sissy supplies for many years and continue to give sissies like me a place where we can truly cut loose and be happy.
feedback Your store is just so fantastic. Since discovering your store, I have bought panties, slips, blouses, dresses and all kinds of feminine and pretty things. Ten orders, I think. I have been having so much fun since receiving my most recent order, a pink glass silk Augustina French Maid dress. Every day since it came in the mail, I cant wait to get home and dress up. Of course, I am wearing it now with a lacy white bra, which is so sexy as it completely shows through under the see-thru glass silk dress. Today I am also wearing a lacy garter belt and sheer pink nylon stockings, with strappy pink patent heels. Add frilly sheer pink panties and pink Lil-Princess Petti-Skirt plus two more petticoats, one net and one soft and lacy chiffon. The dress looks so pretty and feminine as it floats over all the petticoats. Oh my, there seems to be a wet spot on the panties right where the sheer and frilly fabric is all stretched. I hope my wife will be home soon to help me enjoy all these frilly and feminine things I have on. Cant wait for my next order to arrive!
Niki CD
feedback I have had a slippery plastic Maids outfit for three months now, it is just so fantastic, I wear it every day and just cannot get over the perfect fit, comfort and the workmanship my wife and I love your store it is just the best.
feedback I received my dress. It is absolutely perfect now. I am wearing it as I write, along with a very pretty lace bra and panty set with sheer pink nylons, garters and pink heels with pretty bows on them. I feel so feminine and girly.
Niki CD
feedback Hey, big thank you dress, it's really gorgeous and suits me very well. I hope the customer relationship will continue. A good continuation of kind.
feedback I have to let you know I love the panties and I have purchased from you guys, I cannot thank you enough for even have in the store open and I can guarantee that I will be coming back to order more stuff form u thank you again.
feedback Hello. My first order from your site arrived today and it was even more beautiful than i had expected! Thank again!
feedback I have to let the love the panties and I have purchased from you guys. I cannot thank you enough for even have in the store open and I can guarantee that I will be coming back to order more stuff form u thank you

feedback Wow, wow, WOW. This dress is absolutely stunning. The way she wears and feels is amazing. The Trixie dress with matching satin bag, wrist cuffs, and hair band are dream come true. Your shop builds gorgeous creations, your team is very talented. A very big thank you (curtsy).
feedback I have had my slippery plastic maids outfit with satin suspender panties for over two months now and would just like to say I love wearing them every day, they are fantastic so very sexy, fit perfectly and are very comfortable, I also have PVC panties, everything from your store is just the greatest, thank you so much, I can't wait to get home from work to dress and have my wife make me up and put on a wig with stockings and heels I don't want to take them off. All the best.
Maid Phil
feedback Everything looked amazing and fit perfectly! Thank you very much for the work you do.
feedback Many thanks. Well pleased with all my items well worth the wait.
feedback Thanks for order deliveries. The clothes, colors and sizes are really perfect. My wife and myself are very happy!
Regards, Pierre.
feedback I received the heels today.. they are just gorgeous, I love them so much! Perfect fit too! OMG! I can't wait to wear them!
Capable at
feedback I received my order the other day and would just like to say thank you for such an exquisitely made dress with matching panties, which are perfect, and suspender belt. The dress sits just right over my petticoats and the suspender belt hugs just nicely when tensioned by my stockings. Thank you so much.

Maid Emily
feedback I must say, I have been extremely pleased with all my outfits, the workmanship and attention to detail is amazing.
feedback Just had to mail you again about the recent order, the slippery plastic maids outfit with petticoat and pinafore in smokey black with white lace is just the ultimate wear I hate getting out of it along with the satin suspender panties or my pure PVC panties with front zip, when made up with wig, black stockings and heels I feel just so fantastic and continually look in the mirror's, your products are just by far the very best and we would not shop anywhere else, Mistress has not decided on any Dom gear yet but certainly loves my Sissy wear, you will get more orders from us and hopefully a few of our friends that are into different stages of cross dressing, all the best sweetheart.
Sissy Phil
feedback We are so very happy, today we received my Slippery Plastic French Maids outfit with the Benita Satin suspender Panties, they are just gorgeous, the fit is so perfect neither could have been made better, the feel and look is so very sexy and we can tell that the quality and care shown in making them is by far the very best, after make up and wig matching with my new stockings and heels I have never looked or felt better, Mistress as usual made the perfect selection, thank you so much, we will certainly be purchasing more products from your great store with you first class service.
feedback Mistress and I are so much looking forward to having the outfits we have my heels and stockings that match and I am becoming quite adapt at wearing them. Mistress has been looking at your range of Dom wear, you really have such a great store and your service is just fantastic.
Sissy Phil
feedback Hi, I received my order and i want to say thank you, it's a really great work!
feedback Thank you. Another great dress. The Jessica in black was beyond expectations. The heart locks are very secure. Again finding your store online was a blessing. Here is to many more purchases in the future.
feedback Hi to all. Once again I'm very happy with my purchase, the Andreia Mistress Dress is just wonderful, fitting like a second skin, feeling fantastic. Wore it to a party last night, the dress is so comfortable to wear and received many lovely comments about it. Just adore your PVC and satin panties, ordered a pair of Tabitha this time and just as comfortable as the different styles I've received previously and wear often.
A very happy Sally, hugs xx
feedback Hi just like to say this is perfect for my sissies to wear to serve in. I also have then get the Sasha sweet sissy dress and have sent lots of my girls to get them with other bits from you your store is very good and on my list no one for this type of outfit so well made.
yours, Miss Samantha Hair
feedback I just received my order. Oh My God!! The quality and workmanship are amazing. I will be telling everyone I know about your website. Everything was perfect!!
Thank you. Glenn
feedback My pure PVC Panties with front zip arrived today, they are just so wonderful, the fit, comfort and your service are excellent, Mistress is now looking to purchase a Maids outfit and panties with suspenders for me. Again thank you so much.
Sissy Phil
feedback Order received. Fits beautifully, many thanks it's adorable.
feedback Just want to tell you how much I love your satin panties. They make me feel so good. Thank you.
feedback I have well received my order, all is nice, well packaged and and it's very cute. I thanks so much you and your staff for this work so good made. I announce you already I will order new clothing for the next month. Thanks you again.
Kind Regards, M Lecat
feedback Hello, Thank you for my last order, perfect! It is time to order two more. The Mistress enjoys me having three bells on the front of my panties (like my very first order) and she really enjoys the lacy panties and garter belt that came with my last order.
With respect and a curtsy, fifi
feedback I am writing to let you know that I couldn't love my new maid uniform (Black and White Alice in Wonderland dress, short) any more than I do! It is so soft and frilly! The quality is amazing as is your service and contact. I will be ordering again for certain! It fits great, I can't thank you enough. You have one happy sissy here :) Oh, by the way. Um, the locking loops are wonderful. I got too excited and couldn't wait to try everything on when my order arrived. I immediately locked my dress using your heart locks and accidently trapped myself I couldn't reach the lock with a key for a few hours. I actually had to call one of my besties to come over to unlock it for me. Stupid embarrassing, but thrilled at the quality of matching panties/suspender belt and security of the dress. Again, thank you so much! Will shop again!
Much thanks! Sissy Taylor <3
feedback The order arrived quickly after your update email, we really enjoyed the beautiful wrapping. The shoes are wonderful, fit well, and were a big hit. Thank you so much!
feedback Hello, today I received my new Moviestargown. It is just beautiful, it looks great, it feels great - I love it. Thank you so much.
feedback Hello, We did receive our order on time. Thank you so much. Our dresses are just perfect. Very good quality.
Best regards, Mr Ruiz
feedback Hello, just confirm safe receipt of the latest, nicely in time for St Valentine's day! Gorgeous glass silk Bikini Dainties panties, and can't wait to wear the Elena suspender belt in black and pink.
feedback Hello, the blouse you made for me is fitting and a great pleasure. Thank you.
feedback I have just taken delivery of my order and it is lovely. Very pretty and exactly what I wanted. Thank you.
feedback I'm wearing my long Alice dress and I just wish I could wear it all day every day. It is so soft and pretty and the panties are lovely as well. It's simply perfect and I hope to be filling my closet with more from you! You are a beautiful oasis in this world and I appreciate you all!
feedback Just to say how gorgeous the Elena panties are! I meant to keep these for special occasions, but just want to wear them all the time!
feedback Happy with past purchases!
feedback I just wanted to tell you all how much I love my new Lockable Pansy bow shoes! They look amazing and fit perfect. Your customer service is incredible and everything arrived really quickly and beautifully packed. I am looking forward to placing my next order soon. Thank you all so much.

Jayden (new lifelong customer)
feedback Just got my package. Your stuff is amazing and beautiful. Thanks!
feedback Good evening I would like to wish all the team an happy new year and would like to thank you so much for the delight you send me ;) I feel so sissy in the petticoat, the dainty and the ballet girl top that are totally incredibly sexy with the bessie petticoat.
feedback Just like to say a big thank you for my dress it's wonderful never felt so lovely wearing it it's stunning will definitely but more lovely clothes from you I love dressing as a sissy and was worth the money can't wait to be abused wearing it xxxx
feedback Dress is amazing, thank you so much.
feedback Just want to write to say how much i love my new plastic dolly nighty. It fits perfect and feels so good on me. This nightgown was made and received on time and the quality is excellent. Everything made there is top quality I own 2 of these nightgowns and they fit and feel fabulous. Just cant make a better nightgown. I will be ordering more in the future great job to everyone.
feedback It fits like a love and is sexy as hell. Thank you so much for your brilliant dress and your terrific service.
feedback I wanted to say thanks for the beautiful, shocking pink maid's outfit. Halloween was so fun.
feedback The Lolita Prissy Sissy dress arrived 11 days after I ordered it. It fit perfectly. I would like to purchase 2 Veronica dresses.
Thank you. Den
feedback Thank you. I feel very satisfied by your customer service.

feedback The Reysha dress arrived Saturday and it fits perfectly. I have worn it every day and love way it fits. Thank you.
feedback I got my nurses uniform and is beautiful. I got it earlier than expected which is great. I will be ordering other items as well. Thank you very much.
feedback My new Jessica dress arrived today. WOW what a wonderfully put together dress. It's like they know exactly what I want. So impressed with dress. Once again thank you for a beautiful creation. Your entire staff is extremely talented, big hugs.
feedback This LAYERED PLASTIC PETTICOAT is so amazing! the fit is great and it is so beautiful and super sexy.
feedback Just wanted to say that my panties arrived today and I'm very sorry but I have to be totally honest and inform you that...I totally LOVE them!! They are a perfect fit, and are quite easily the sexiest and prettiest things I own. They are AMAZING! I love the fact they are double-lined...You guys clearly know exactly what you are doing, and I will certainly be ordering more of your gorgeous clothes in the future. I'd also like to say that your customer service has been exemplary: you've always responded very quickly, and been flexible and helpful. I love you guys, and I'm loving your work! :)
Keep it up! ;) Natasha x
feedback I received the package this morning and am impressed, I'll be recommending you to others ^-^
Yours sincerely Tom
feedback Hello, I just received my order from you and tried everything on. I must say, I really love your designs and the colours. Everything fits really well too! All in all, I am very happy with my order and I am already so eager to buy more.
feedback I received your package. As usual, I am delighted by the ordered objects. They are any magnificent, thank you.
Dominique Sauza
feedback Thank You so much! This is the second time I have bought from you guys and your service is excellent. I have spread the word here in New York about your site! It is excellent, please keep up the great work and wildly fun products!
feedback Hi, Just to let you know that my Miss Sissy Girl dress arrived today. I am so pleased with it. Lovely material, fits perfectly and looks fantastic. This is my second purchase from you and the quality of both dresses is first class.
feedback Would just like to say thank you for the quality of the clothes I got, they feel and look great especially the bunnygirl suit, and also thank you for the snippits will do wonders knowing how the colours look on my body next time I order.
feedback Hello, I have all received my order, the sissy boots are awesome, so girly and kinky. Thanks and see you soon for my next purchases.
M Lecat
feedback The Bodysuit arrived yesterday, perfect fit, thanks very much.
feedback Just received the package. I'm speechless, it's just perfect! So gorgeous. Great work ;)
feedback I've finally received my order and it is incredibly wonderful! I definitely love it! Everything is wonderful!
feedback Thank you so much for making me happy once again of my latest PVC catsuit even though I'm a man i have made several purchases, they are all outstanding i feel so sad having to take them off.
Many thanks. Gary
feedback I just wanted to message you to say how exceptionally satisfied I am with my products. I have never seen such amazing quality in my life. Then again, I've never felt satin or PVC products in my life, but these feel so amazing, they are made to fit perfectly, they are such high quality. I just can't get over how amazing they are. I will absolutely be buying more things here in the future! They are so fantastic.
feedback I received my Tabitha PVC Panties with full slit today. WOW!!! so amazing, so soft, cant wait to see wife in them. going to order 2 more without slit.
feedback Just to let you know that my Mimi Satin Dress arrived yesterday and I am delighted with it.
Many thanks Michael
feedback Just wanted to write to thank you all for my last order. The Neyna camisole is very soft, sweet and pretty, while the Sarita Spandex dress is a lovely and comfortable choice for an evening look. Both I and my Mistress really appreciate and admire the clothing and items you create. They entertain and inspire us and we're both looking forward to when we can do an order again!
Love and best wishes, Melissa and Mistress xxx
feedback THANK YOU SO MUCH. The new dress is absolutely stunning. I will be visiting your store again soon. Each dress is a work of art and is a joy to wear and behold. ♡♡♡
feedback I just received my French Maid Dress!! You have no idea how happy I am! Thank you, it fits purrrfectly! Sooooo happy! :0)
feedback I received your 2 packages. As usual, I am delighted by the ordered objects. They are any magnificent, thank you.
Cordially, Dominique Sauza
feedback Thank you for the most wonderful LBD. I wanted a new little black dress for the summer parties that was different from the PVC or satin, the normal designs I buy from your wonderful store & the Janna dress is just perfect. It has the softest leatherette I've ever had on any clothing. As always the fit is perfect & just shows off all the right curves, will look great with red sandals + matching bag. Thank you for the very speedy delivery.
Hugs Sally xx
feedback Hi, got the dress, and it is perfect. Many thanks for all you have done. Brilliant service, very pleased.
Kindest regards, Tony
feedback I've bought a pair of Extreme 10 inch black PVC thigh boots. I want to say to you that they are absolutely amazing!!! Thank you for these fantastic boots!!
With best regards, Jeroen
feedback I have received my item, thank at you and for your team for your work, it was exactly what I seek.

feedback Dear team. My package arrived today after watching my inbox like a hawk for the last couple of weeks. The shipping time was amazing. The products - I am more than impressed! The quality, detail etc just breathtaking as usual. This has been my best purchase yet. your team are the best of the best and should congratulate each other. I envy you all and wish I could be a part of making this magic with you. This purchase was motivation for me to settle into a study period for the next couple of months but I have every intention on rewarding my efforts after with another purchase so see you all again soon.
Mr and Mrs Easte, Australia
feedback First off, may I say that the package came in and I was very excited to open it last night. The quality of the clothing is rather exquisite, and I will certainly be ordering from you again. I tried on the Teddy last night as well. The feeling is very comfortable and was exciting to see myself wearing it when I woke up. I was also surprised at the inclusion of a anal hole zip as well... Love the clothes and keep up the good work.
feedback Hi there, Just wanted to say I got my Flapsie Panties yesterday and I am sooooooo impressed with them! The fit, the work quality, the feel, the PVC used, everything! They are an amazing pair of pants! I love them to pieces. No doubt I shall be ordering another pair, this time I shall order a wider crotch as they need to go over a diaper! My mistake for not ticking that box this time! But still an awesome pair of pants! Loving the versatility of them being reversible. Two pants in one! They are GREAT! Keep up the good work. I've been a fan for a long time (my first purchase was. Robe, camisole and French knickers set 10years ago! And since then have got a pair of MJ's in pink, in white and some satin pants. I'm saving up for one of your gorgeous sissy dresses...... *sigh* I love your stuff so much! Best regards,
feedback I just want to let you know that my order has just arrived in barely less than 2 weeks. i was very surprised by your delivery speed. thank you very much for that. i will surely order from you again one day. my item bought was satin tease skirt. it was marvelous and awesome. this was the best feel i ever had in my 6 years experience of satin shopping. the quality of the garment is great. the satin is exactly very soft and slushy as advertised by you in the store. i cant wait 2 wear it to my office on the following day. bye.
feedback hi. i just want to let you know that my order has just arrived in barely
less than 2 weeks. i was very surprised by your delivery speed. thank you
very much for that. i will surely order from you again one day. my item
bought was satin tease skirt. it was marvellous and awesome. this was the
best feel i ever had in my 6 years experience of satin shopping. the quality
of the garment is great. the satin is exactly very soft and slushy as
advertised by you in the store. i cant wait 2 wear it to my office on the
following day. haha. bye.

feedback I've just received my Prissy Bow Beauty dress, it is awesome and lush!! Thank you!
Sissy Princess
feedback I'm pleased to inform you that my order just arrived. Lovely shoes. Thank you very much. I'm also very pleased with your customer service. A soon as I discovered that I had ordered one pair of shoes the wrong size, I fired off an email to you to get that corrected. Customer service responded in less than 24 hrs that the order was changed to correct my mistake. Again thank you.
feedback Just received my order in the mail the other day. Love it all! Parlour Maid uniform fit perfectly and the frilly maid shoes are super comfortable. And the large adult baby bonnet ties the whole thing together. Keep making more new designs and I shall keep ordering more :) Thank you for making such high quality dresses :) <3
Sissy Maid Audrey
feedback I would like to say a big thank you for providing such a wonderful service. I have now made many purchases with you and have been delighted with the quality and service I have always received. I have no doubt that I will continue to purchase clothing from you for many years to come and that my maid training will benefit from having such lovely outfits.
Maid Jessica xxx
feedback Hi, I would just like to say I ordered the PVC Susanna Maid outfit in pink the outfit is just what I was looking for the sizing was fantastic, it fits like a glove. The service was fantastic I would definitely recommend you to any one thank you very much. Grate site to get outfits from. Will come back for a nurses outfit next time lol.
feedback Just received the Locking Pony Harness we ordered from you. The fit is wonderful and very secure. My Mistress is very pleased.
Kitty Sissy
feedback Hello, I received your package yesterday. I am very satisfied with clothing. So long. Cordially.
feedback I just today received my order and pretty much all of it is wonderful, and I'll certainly be ordering again from you in the future.
feedback Incredible craftsmanship - attention to detail, my goddess love love loves what you've created. She's a perfectionist, and just loves what you've made. The measurements are perfect as well. To every person who has touched this fabric, bow, or shoe, we thank your expertise in your craft. You are all truly gifted! <3
feedback This little sissy always wanted to thank You for Your wonderful offer of true sissy clothes. Mistress Mommy bought her the Satin Adult Baby Romper ... and what could she say but how much she now loves to sleep within this romper ... and how much she loves to play baby with her sweet Mommy and Daddy! But of course she also has the complete Barbee French Maid's Dress for the daily work ... and within this every duty becomes half as difficult. Not to mention the wonderful attention she gets from her Daddy when He uses to inspect her pretty rear hole...! * Curtsy *
Maresi Simone
feedback Hi, I just wanted to email you guys to primarily tell you I LOVE your product. I'm a pony girl new to the lifestyle and ordered 'pony bridle harness with ears' as a 'test run', its my first pony gear, and it seemed safe enough for newbies -- which it is! It smells great ( lovely leather smell :) ) and is super comfortable to wear! My Mistress will be pleased once she sees it as well, I'm sure :)
feedback I received the Japanese glass - silk fantasy gown, so amazing. can't wait see it on my wife. Dominika panty is amazing also.
feedback Thank you for the items I ordered. I love all of them! They arrived just in time before Christmas eve, so I was able to surprise my boyfriend this morning when I made breakfast for him, dressed as a maid... The other two items are just lovely and sweet too.
feedback The package arrived correctly and is equal to your description... You are very professional and correct... I'll do certainly good publicity... Greetings and thanks again...
feedback Just want to let you know i love my satin dolly nightgown. Its beautiful and made so well. The delivery time was excellent and i love my new nighty. I will be ordering more in the future please list my comments under the list of very happy customers you guys are the best.
feedback All received. It is so very nice. Thanks for making the sleeves perfect. You do a great job!
Best, Stinna
feedback I am a very satisfied customer. Made to your usual high standards and delivered just 12 days after the order was placed. My thanks!
feedback Just wanted to let you know that everything came out beautiful, thank you.
feedback My classic 7 inch bed heels and ballets arrived today, OMG, so in love with them already. At first the courts looked to small but after the first wear they fit like a glove, the arch is all I have ever dreamed of, a non-platform heeled shoe nearly 8 inch high, I am getting many more. The quality is superb, thank you.
feedback I was expecting disappointment and cheesy garments.instead both garments fit extremely well and the shipping was fairly fast a surprise as well and the social website was easy to navigate.looking forward to all future contacts/shopping/experiences.all were enjoyable .my roommate especially liked the satin pkg for the contacts.she is definitely jealous of the hot panties i got. she can buy her own.the panties fit better than any gaff and the crotch nice and flat giving that girly pussy look for tight jeans and leggings. :)
feedback Received and they are lovely. Will be placing a new order at weeks end. Thank you.

Sincerely, Paul McGuire
feedback Thank you guys sooooo much, my new dress is super pretty, and the panties are gorgeous too, doms better watch out or they might fall in love with this sissy :)
feedback I really love the Sissy Choker, Twinkly Ankle Cuffs, the Satin and Lace Bell Cuffs, plus the PVC Opera Gloves and the PVC Pansy Pouch. These items that I have now will make me feel feel like a nice, cute, submissive pet maid for a mistress. So many more items I want to buy from this website, because it brings out my curiosity, and they're all comfy and nice to wear.
Maid Daniele
feedback I just wanted to email and say that I'm very impressed with the service. The general instructions say that the package is supposed to arrive within three weeks at minimum, but now I just got an email on the weekend (and it's not even a working day!) that my package is to arrive on Monday, which is only two weeks after the initial delivery! And given the quality of clothing, I'm definitely going to buy from here (once I find something that I don't already have!)
feedback Just to say thanks for my latest order, PVC pillowcases. I was a bit worried that you may not use the same high quality material as you do with your clothes, silly me, the only way it could be improved is a full bed set. I'm sure I would find it harder to get out of bed to go to work though. Thanks to the whole team.
Sally x
feedback Received the lovely shoes yesterday and...OMG! they're soo comfy and so soooft padded inside! Feels like the best shoes that ever have been on my feet :) I really can't believe how cute and sexy they look and feel...a real pleasure walking with them on <3
feedback I really love PVC stockings they felt nice against my legs and comfortable on my feet. And they go nice with my maid dresses.
Maid Daniele
feedback Just to send a very big thank you for my last 2 orders. As I love the black Siarah dress I received last year so much, I so wanted another like it, in red it's really a gorgeous long dress. As always a perfect fit & a speedy delivery. My partner really has the passion for plastic & I wanted to surprise her on our anniversary by wearing Susie plastic babydoll & dainties panties, after seeing if they fit OK I was so sad having to take them off & hide them away, I'm really looking forward to wearing them for again soon but my partner did see the sissi plastic/satin panties & wants my to get a bib so she can be my nanny... Many thanks to the whole team xxx

feedback I love my dress. It's perfect. Thank you so much!
feedback Hi! The items have arrived safely at my home address...and they're both fantastic! Thanks very much...and I look forward to buying some more items from you in the near future.
feedback Everything arrived today, it's all gorgeous, perfect fit, thank you.
feedback Your shoes are WONDERFUL, pretty and certainly make me feel controlled, submissive and also precarious. For the record, with my EU40 sized feet, the heels are a towering 6 1/4 inches.
sissy barbie
feedback I received the outfit yesterday and it it is wonderful. Thank you for making it so fast and sending it due to the issues with the previous outfit. Thanks again!
feedback Just a quick note to say thank you for your excellent quick service, I am sitting here in my new gingham dress which fits perfectly. I think I shall wear it out tonight and show it off plus my knickers its just right. Once again many thanks I shall be ordering lots more off you.
Lesley x
feedback Hello Nikki, I am writing you to say thank you for your help and support, the quality of the goods are outstanding, I am so anxious to order again and THE WAIT WAS WORTH IT.
feedback Just received my order. Love everything! The dress fit perfectly and same with the shoes.
feedback I just want to report that the order has come in and every thing is there and it fits perfectly thanx for the service and i cant wait till i can wear it for the mistress/wife.
Thnx Maarten
feedback I must say that the costumes are truly spectacular even more beautiful than the website and the costumes fit well even though I'm a man. So I have to say a big thank you and I believe that the customer relationship will continue thanks.
Sincerely PATE from Finland
feedback Just received my latest order thank you. Apart from great communication, the quality of sowing and craftsmanship is simply outstanding. You have someone who really knows what they are doing. My Madam could not believe how good the outfit was. Please pass on my thanks.
Maid Charlotte
feedback I would like to say thank you for the wonderful things. Your people do fantastic work. A very satisfied customer.
M McCutcheon
feedback Today I received my order - Uniform and Satin eye mask. Miss Innocent Sissy Maid Uniform is really gorgeous and simple amazing and fits perfect. :-)) Great THANKS for higher collar! Best regards.
feedback I just receive my play girl teddy and bubble Sissy panties : It is wonderful, I try my new cloth immediately so I'm very happy. Thank you, I kiss you.

feedback Everything arrived in perfect condition. The boots, wow they are divine to stand in, I love them! The nighty will look so cute on my sissy, thank you so very much!
feedback I have to write to thank you for the prompt delivery of my Satin rompers. I could not wait try them on, and it was with sheer delight. As I stepped into the leg holes, and slowly slipped the romper up, until I Felt the satin start to caress my crotch and body. The quality of the Fabric and workmanship is exquisite, I have immediately placed an order for three more rompers. All i need to do now is convince my wife. Keep up the excellent work.

Thanks Steve
feedback I would just like to say thank you for sending me my new panties and bra. I am enjoying them immensely.
feedback The dress came to day, it is beautiful. Thanks for pitching in. Now I can’t wait for the matching bloomers!
feedback I received the Peta Waist Cincher and just wanted to say it is great. I wasted a lot of money buying other ones over the internet and had to throw them out. Thanks for another great product.
feedback Just receive my PVC catsuit in the post and I have to say that it is the most exquisite article of PVC wear that I HAVE EVER BOUGHT. Thanks to your tailor measuring, it fits like a second skin. The material is soooooooo soft and stretchy that it is comfortable to wear and looks amazing in the mirror. My most sincere thanks go out to you for crafting so sumptuous a garment; now to measure my wife up and buy her a bright pink one! Warmest regards from a delighted customer.
feedback My order arrived yesterday. It is really gorgeous and fits perfect, simply high quality. Great THANKS! Best regards.
feedback Thank you, thank you, thank you for the wonderful Barbi Luxury Petticoat I ordered, the quality speaks for itself, it feels fantastic weighty and luxurious whenever I wear it, it pushes out my sissy dress perfectly to show off my Bambi Lace covered satin panties (the extra naughty hole at the rear gives a fantastic feeling of vulnerability too). I do feel like a proper little princess whenever I wear them thank you soooooooo much :-)
feedback Oh my!!! The PVC panties I just received are EXQUISITE! The PVC is so soft, the feel sublime. I have just ordered a catsuit from you on the strength of the quality and service from this order. Your store is awesome and I look forward to placing more orders in the future. Warmest regards.
feedback I just wanted to let you that I received the new babydoll last week. Thank you so much for making another one for me. This one is perfect. It matches really nicely with the white satin, blue trim Kinkzie panties I purchased from you last year. 5 and a half years I have been ordering from you and in that time I have put together quite the collection of pretty wear. I think I have too much pretty wear because I love having many options in outfits and many colors. I still suspect I will be back to buy more from you sometime :) Thanks.
feedback Received my 20th and 21st items from you. All was perfect. The Pure PVC Panties with the 6" crotch and high waist make a big difference in feel. For any guys who use a CB6000 chastity device, the Pure PVC Panties with cock hole are a perfect match. You can also order the one with a zipper front if you are not in the mood for hanging out. My 22nd item is being made.
feedback I just got the order in Australia and I think its fabulous! Thank you. Looking forward to doing further business with you.
feedback Thank you! The garment is exquisite and fits perfectly. This was my second purchase from you and I will be ordering again soon. Thank you.

feedback Hi all. Just a quick line to send a big thank you for my latest purchase, Havana PVC blouse in red, absolutely stunning & as always the quality is outstanding. I'm sure the blouse will be a knock out with my black PVC skirt at next month party. Many thank from a very satisfied customer.
Sally xx
feedback OMG those leather pants are to die for they are a perfect fit, thank you so much.
feedback I got my fanny sissy dress and sissy serving shoes today. I am so blown away. They are incredible. So beautiful and way beyond anything I ever dreamed of. Thank You so much.
feedback I recently received my order of the Babi Camisole with matching panty. I must say it is simply marvelous! I cannot begin to describe how happy I get when I wear them. I will definitely be ordering my items from you in the future! Well worth the wait!
feedback I received my 19th item from your store. They are the PVC Bloomers with PVC lining. Anybody who likes the feel of the Pure PVC Panties will love the feel of the bloomers. You feel the PVC right down to your knees. A great item.
W Babyack
feedback I received another order from your store. Once again everything was perfect. I would like to recommend an item, bicycle shorts made like your Pure PVC panties (PVC Lined) and a tighter fit for that great feel. Thanks for your internet company.
feedback I just wanted to write to express to you how exquisite and intoxicating your sissy adornments are!... and seeing your models displayed in all their elegance, sophistication, class and style in the pictorial galleries on your shop pages is in itself a major contribution to the beauty and beautification of our world. Your sissy model Candy for the eyes for sure... and an inspiration for all who conspire and aspire to the same scintillating heights of reformed informed, conformed transformed femininity, and your store is the ultimate presentation and illustration of that dream... where one can realize and actualize the desire, the dream, the fantasy, the identification and make it come true... you dazzle and bedazzle... daze and amaze... and leave one breathless... and enchanted. thank you for making it all possible and real in our world and in our lives.
feedback Thank you very much great service and quality thanks again, love sissy maid.
Rachel xxxxxxx
feedback Hi, just to say a big thank you for making all my friends envious of me in the Shiny Siarah PVC Mistress dress at the Xmas party last night, I really didn't think it would arrive in time as I left it a bit late, well done. Really is a wonderful fit & the extra length, to my ankle, I asked for is spot on, really is lovely dress & will be worn many times:) Happy new year to the whole team.
Sally xx
feedback I just wanted to let you know that I have received so many compliments on my new sissy outfit. I am absolutely enamored with it and the quality is remarkable. I wanted to pass along a couple of photos for your customer photo section on the website, if there was room for one of them! The entire outfit is your Prissy Sissy Jessica outfit. Looking forward to my next purchase!
Happy Customer
feedback Thank you for my panties. They are now perfect in every way. I am so impressed with your quality and service.
feedback I just wanted to let you know how truly pleased I am with the clothing we ordered from you. The quality of the garments are truly amazing and can't be faulted in any way, so you can expect more orders soon.
Mr J
feedback A quick note to say a big thank you for the speedy delivery of my recent border. This is the 2nd pair of Florrie Devils I have purchased from you and the quality is superb, I love the shoes and have had a lot of comments from others saying how lovely they are.
Michelle xx
feedback ust a short note to say a big thank you for the lovely Cosette panties & Elena bra, a wonderful fit as always & though you may have not designed them to go together I think they make a great match. Makes a girl special to wear underwear when such care has gone into making them.
Sally xx
feedback Hi, I ordered three items from your company, two of them were custom. Once again you did an outstanding job and everything was perfect. I wish there were more companies like yours.
feedback I was thrilled to receive my order today. Just wanted to say - I LOVE my Strict School Ma´am Uniform that you provided to me! It is beautiful, and I am so happy. Thank you and all your team! My order received in good shape, beautiful quality, as advertised. Everything is perfect and I'm very pleased. The dress is sexy. I'm so happy doing business with you and I'm looking forward to do business with you in the future. Thank you so much for being a serious dealer in this line of products.
VERY best regards, Eliska
feedback Thank u for an awesome site with sooo many sexy things. I don't know when ,but I will get a pair of thigh boots from you, your site is the first site ive ordered dresses from and I love the service and quality. I love them. Keep up the good work..and making pretty/sexy things. *:) happy

feedback Hi, I just wanted to say that I finally got my new Fukk Pants today and they are incredible! I put them to good use immediately and they worked perfectly, intercourse is easy and feels incredible! Please make more clothing that is designed for playtime, its sadly lacking but when done right like the fukkpants, makes for a VERY intense experience!
feedback Hello, Once again, I am very, VERY satisfied with my order. The products are well made and beautiful, even the packaging is great. I bow down before you, your reputation is really deserved.
Damien, Greetings from France.
feedback just wanted to say received my order today. and I love my dresses. they are
beautiful. they go great with my thigh boots. they are my first 2 dresses.
found my crossdressing later in life and took awhile to finally get some
pretty dresses. your site is great and what a nice selection of
dresses..aand boots. love looking at your items. ill order again

fr Canada
feedback I would just like to say my order arrived and I just love my Mistress Stern
PVC Mini Dress. The fit is perfect. Looks very good on me in Sizzling pink.
The bows are a nice finishing touch. I love how the dress hugs my body. Also
the Alisha Luxury Plastic Panties go will with my dress. I like how I can
change them inside out depending on what colour I would like to show. I will
be buying again from you again.

feedback Both pairs of shoes fit perfectly! Not too long nor too narrow. The Persian Blue patent leather is a very beautiful color!, and to my grateful, pleasant surprise, and to your credit, which puts you in a class far above all of the shoe manufactures
I have dealt with, is the instep is SOFT, and so is the TOP, where the color is!

It has been a pleasure to do business with you.

feedback I received another order from you which i have purchased several times in
different colours, as i am a PVC lover they are wonderful outfits,
well made, well finished, and well worth it.

feedback Dear Niki, i want to say a big thank you for your fantastic design. It's simply marvelous! I love my "Jezebelle" and my "Pixie" dresses and all the other things! And my "Florrie" heels are so cute! Many, many thanks! With kindly regards, Bernd
feedback I have today received my shocking pink satin serving maid uniform - it is absolutely gorgeous, and fantastically well made and finished. I am currently locked into it - with the keys in a bowl of water in the freezer, so in a bowl of ice really! Thank you thank you thank you!
feedback I am really looking forward to receiving my order! You make wonderful things. My order in December was great and was worth the wait.

feedback I was very pleasantly surprised with the quality of the materials used and the finish of the articles. I have purchased online before and been disappointed with the cheap material and workmanship.
feedback Today I received your delivery! Unbelievable! So fast! I am surprised and happy! The dress and the long sleeves are so beautiful as I have liked .... Fantastically!
feedback I have just received another order from you and i just wanted to tell you how pleased i am with it. The products are simply amazing and the quality of the workmanship is second to none!! Also I would like to thank you all for the discrete and secure packaging.... it does take the worry out of waiting!!! Thank you sooooo much. I will not be going anywhere else for my 'Girlie Things!.'
feedback Big thank you for the Cosplay Schoolie Skirt and Blouse and the Bikini Dolly Panties. Wearing it lets me truly feel the love with which it was made and radiate my entire surroundings. And I absolutely fell in love with the Satin
tie-front Blouse and Emilia Bikini Panties. I bless you guys, your families and your workspace with heaps of love.

feedback Thanks so muchThe order arrived today!!!! Really pleased as always. The material of the 'panty'part of the Romper is absolutely fabulous...... you'll have to let me know which other items come in that!!! Thank you again for all your help. Please pass my thanks along will you? Off to my Studio in Spain at the end of the week for five weeks 'rest!' No doubt I'll be ordering again on my return if not before!!
feedback I have received my order yesterday 26th August in Belgium (EU). Don't know where to start! BEAUTIFUL ! AMAZINGLY WELL MADE ! This is Quality I have never expected to see. Congratulations Girls, you deserve the Award of the Best Quality Service. The French couturiers are nothing compared to you. And the packaging is of great quality, too, fantastic. I am a Plastic and PVC lover and have ordered the Shiny Mary Jane Shoes in pink and a PVC Adult Baby Full Body Romper, with LINING in PVC too also in pink. Oh Girls, I could not get out of my PVC Full Body Romper, not because it is too small, no, just because it is soooooo soft and nice to wear next to the skin, and the size fits perfectly. From now on I'll sleep like a Baby nestled in my romper those cold winter nights, I LOVE IT and I LOVE YOU. Be sure I will come back.
feedback I just received my order yesterday and wanted to send you a thank you note. Everything arrived safe and sound and is exactly as ordered!. The quality of your goods is fabulous, each item in its own separate package and any item that could damage another (collar) individually bubble wrapped, bagged and then wrapped again in it's very own little fabric pouch. That kind of attention to detail is seldom seen nowadays! Your quality control is also wonderful, not a hanging thread or incomplete seam anywhere and every seam that could chafe folded over and sewn so it won't, very nice. I've recently bought shirts from a very reputable company costing a lot more than panties I've bought from you, the buttons were falling off after the first wash, no such doubt here. For you sissies who've been hesitating buying from here due to the cost, don't hesitate, you won't regret it! Yes the clothing here isn't cheap but you get exactly what you pay for! Good job girls!, I'll be placing another order soon!
Sissy Jennifer
feedback Hy gals! Now here's my feedback, finally I did it, as short as possible. :)))

Made with PURE LOVE! As a child I had a dream, to get into a mall by night and play with all these little fancy shining satin thingies. As someone said, why should only the girls have all the fun?

But this is beyond amazing! It outclasses everything I owned so far. I read the detailed descriptions and all the feedbacks before, so I knew a bit about what was coming, but as I opened the bag with the Satin Pajamas and Two Tone Pure Satin Panties it struck my heart! I never saw anything the like. And the idea for the double-lining is just ingenious! Ever since I dreamed about, how nice this would be. I even put pieces on the wrong way, just to get an idea of how it might feel. :D And of course every single word of all the feedbacks is true, about the lovely handling, the ultra premium quality, the ultra high precision 'art'work, etc. etc. and it's all perfect fit thanks to the custom sizes. When you open the bags even the smell and feeling through the fingers is so nice, like it came freshly out of the washer. There is no second place on this earth where you can get a new piece of clothes in such a fabulous condition. Now my wardrobe is your shop only! I put all the disappointments of past times into a big bag and throw it away with a smile, to be free and happy, looking into an awesome shiny future with you gals. I'm still overwhelmed, so many impressions.

The Satin Pajamas are so roomy, they'll cover every spot of your body in all positions (arms, legs and cleavage). Like all pieces they feel just so comfortable, like a second skin, it's breathable and warming, no sweating at all and not electrifying. The Two Tone Pure Satin Panties - a knockout! The Yuuka Cosplay Girl - beyond reach of words! I feel like a little japanese gal in the middle of her high school adventures! And her Petticoat, like the Mili Satin Petti-Skirt too – more than amazing! I never thought lace could be so soft. The Alexus Satin Teddy - wow, this thing's really damn hot! Again double-lined satin. The Nadia Lace Covered Satin Panties and Suspender Belt are hotter than a super nova! And all the stuff is so durable too. The Elena Satin Bra, Elena Long Satin Bloomers and Freida Satin Choker - incredible! Am I dreamin'? The Satin French Maid (long sleeves, high neck) a naughty naughty gal. The Satin Hobble Nanny, Spandex Seamed Stockings, Satin School Skirt, Satin Sabrina Bow Blouse and all the others… - this is taking it altogether on another level, isn't it?^^ Now I’m totally fired up for the Senzy Soft Satin Corset plus Teeny Waitress Panty, they will make the hottest pieces in my collection, I'm sure. And my wish list gets longer and longer and even longer…

Thanks sooooo much gals! Lovely greetings from Germany!

feedback Our order arrived yesterday morning again in very good condition (Monika will be surely much enjoyed and amused about these new again very hot bedheels as easter-gift) - many thanks! Wishing you and your family/team a nice easter! When you will create such high bedheels new - we wait .... :-))
Helge Lippa + Monika Keller
feedback I would just like to say a big thank you for my recent order of the Florrie Devil shoes, they are fantastic. The order was dispatched quickly and i was kept informed of its progress. I would recommend the shop to anyone. Thanks once again.
feedback My made to order PVC Hobble Dress is excellent. It fits perfectly. A combination of PVC clothing and restraint particularly appeals. This dress is as restrictive when walking in my five and a half inch stilleto heeled PVC knee boots, as when wearing a set of short chain leg irons.
My compliments on both the quality of design and manufacture.

feedback I just wanted to say how fabulous I think your site is!! I recently discovered it, and have already purchased several items. It's my new favorite site. Cannot tell you how many times I've said, "OMG these are so cute, or I adore this!!" Thanks for so many amazing items.
I look forward to receiving my purchases and feel most confident that I will be a happy prissy sissy doll!!

Sissy Samantha
feedback Just to send a big thank you for my lastest order. Wonderful to have a bra that fits me for once, with the colour to match the panties from me last order. The pinch panties are a dream to wear! Can't wait for the other order I have with you. Thanks again Sally x
feedback I just wanted to say a big thank you! for the order i received yesterday. it's the cuckold tag and my Wife locked it onto my metal chastity cage with a small metal heart shaped lock as soon as She took it out of the box.
She says it looks wonderful and is very excited to show her bf tomorrow night before they go out. She says we'll be ordering more fun things soon.

sissy staci
feedback Thank you so much for the pvc/satin boycut panties, such hot pinks, such a great fit & so comfortable. Well worth the wait it takes to have them made. Start saving to come back for some more:) thanks again Sally
Sally Sansom
feedback I received my order today. My woman will be very pleased with it and so am I. It's absolutly beautifull. Thanks......
feedback All the items have arrived yesterday! Very nice all the dresses, especially the PVC ones and the shoes!
Mistress Luna, London
feedback Hello again, I recently received my latest order, Lu-Lu knickers with a front hole, such a delight to wear! and also a pair of Vanessa knickers, bikini style with no lace on the front, only across the bottom, but I kept the pretty little bow on the front and I have to say that they exceeded my widest dreams, such a snug fit and the lace on the bottom is perfect, they look wonderful under my maids dress. Many thanks again for a wonderful service and delightfully feminine clothes. Where would "girls" like me be without you.
feedback Hi, I just want to say that your products are so gorgeous and i love the pictures of Anne!! My favorites are the dresses. i have bought the Mimi Long Prom Dress and some of the panties and i am sure i will buy many more of your work directly in your online store. I sent merry christms kisses (especially to Anne :-)))
Happy customer
feedback Hi, I just want to say that your products are so georgeous and i love the pictures of Anne!! My favorites are the dresses. i have bought the Mimi Long Prom Dress and some of the panties and i am sure i will buy many more of your work directly in your online store.
I sent merry christms kisses (especially to Anne :-)))

feedback I am so enthralled with your beautiful garments I just cannot keep away. Every time I log in and look through the new designs there is always something to tempt me, despite the fact that I now have such a huge delightful wardrobe of your sissy clothing.
My main problem now is deciding what to wear each day, though whatever I choose it is always a heavenly sensation to look and feel so very feminine.

sissymaid, Melissa
feedback I received the dress yesterday. The fit is perfect and exceeds all my expectations!

feedback My made to order PVC Hobble Dress is excellent. It fits perfectly. A combination of PVC clothing and restraint particularly appeals. This dress is as restrictive when walking in my five and a half inch stilleto heeled PVC knee boots, as when wearing a set of short chain leg irons.
My compliments on both the quality of design and manufacture.

feedback Today I decided to open up an additional tab for my web browser every time I found something I liked when one tab wasn't enough. Now though I have over 20 tabs open and still seeing things that I like.
I'm really impressed, most other sites I've browsed through I barely got passed 5 at the very end.

feedback Have just received my order thank you very much very well made and very fast delivery.

feedback OMG my Playgirl Teddy just arrived i shaved showered and got right into it i feel so sissy femme. i am so pleased with my new Teddy it is awesome thank You, You made me a very happy sissy girl
sissy kissy, jamie
feedback I am so very excited to get my order, i positively squealed when Mistrss tod me to order them :-D. I had a very positive experience ordering from you thus far. Thank you for the great service :-D
feedback Received my order today (Starlet Skirt and Satin Puff-sleeve Blouse) and could not wait to put it on. Would like to say a big thank you to you and your staff for yet another lovely outfit it fits perfect and I really love it XXX It really makes me feel feminine wearing such a lovely garment thanks once again for your hard work and dedication.
feedback The dress I ordered is wonderful, the quality is amazing. There are many places that advertise lower prices but you get what you pay for. I cant imagine ordering from anywhere else. I have never found another dress with such a full petticoat.
Most places have off the rack halloween costumes but these dresses are truly made for you when you order them. I can not begin to express how happy I am and I know that I will be ordering again soon.

feedback I just received my order today, sooner as expected, and I have to say that I am really impressed! This is better than I imagined, the quality is amazing and the products are lovely. I will certainly make new orders in the future!
feedback Folks, I ordered the Juliet Maid. It's beautiful, well made and I love it to bits. Thank you so much.
feedback i just recevied my order all i can say is WOW MY sookie dress and christina satin panties r so beautiful there will be more orders very soon i just look so very sexy in them. Thanks so very much.
feedback Just wanted to let you know that the pleated Eva skirt has arrived and is in perfect condition. I love it so much. It fits perfect and is so sexy. It swings when walking and lifts when turning. Thank you so much. Will keep you shop listed and visit again.
feedback among all the dresses I purchased from you so far (6 in the meanwhile) the Trixie Sissy dress is by far the most cutest one - my absolute favorite! I will order the Jessica soon to have all my favorite dresses in my wardrobe!
feedback I love my order! The craftsmanship was amazing, I didn't expect it to fit, feel, and look as great as it does, and I am definitely buying here again sometime in the future. Thank you so much for having this site.
feedback I have just received my items. They are very beautiful. You are artists at what you do. Thank you so much.
feedback Hoy my parcel received today.its fits perfect,and its looks beautyfull.thank you very much and many regards.
Cees, Netherlands
feedback Perfect fit, look forward to shopping again.
Greg S
feedback Received my first order from you, I had my doubts about the quality of your garments, but on receiving my order I am very impressed with the quality and the workmanship. Also like the option to order garments in a custom size, I always have problems finding clothing in my size but with this option the garment fits perfectly, and also love the feel of the lovely soft & smooth satin, my mistress was also very please with the look of the Elegant French Maid's uniform, which was one of the items I had ordered, I love it so much I have worn it every day when I get the chance. I am so impressed with my first order I have already places a second order, cannot wait till I receive it.
feedback very pleased with my order which arrived safely yesterday morning - my new nightie is divine!! Look forward to doing business again.
feedback my first order from you thank you. I am very pleased with the quality of the 2 items and the customer service was very good and prompt you kept me informed on all steps.
feedback I received a few days ago my last orders to complete my wardrobe. I am more and more exhilarated to wear these dresses so feminine and attractive.Your last collection is so frilly and your sissy dresses are unique.I feel so fem when I wear these outfits and I know some who are jealous.With my best regards and please continue to make me dream and wet in my panties.
Subsissy B
feedback Just received my third order. I love the Beatrice sissy panties, satin tie, and my black mary jane shoes. I will be ordering another school girl uniform later this year. Thank you so much. You have made this sissy male a happy little school girl.
Marisa jill
feedback Hi. I just received my orders and I'm very satisfied with it. The materials are better than expected. Touch feel is so good. Thank you! I will be ordering more from your beautiful range soon.
H.J., Korea
feedback Hi. I just received my order today. Fabulous even more luxurious than I imagined. I am going to place another order!
feedback First at all: This is to say THANK YOU very much and congratulation to your product-line ! We are very satisfied about your products, and we have stated already 2 orders.
J. Bruckner, Vienna, AUSTRIA
feedback quality great, size perfect and will be ordering more.
Julie TV
feedback Second order, second satisfaction. Very quick, excellent quality, even the packaging is great. You are definitely a must-know webshop.
Damien, France
feedback Both Shorts are fantastic!!!! Congratulations!!! Thank You so much for accepting my special wishes ! Till next time.
Peter from Austria
feedback I just got my dress in the mail today. It is so cute and me and my Mistress are going to have so much fun doing dress up with this. Again thanks and I will order from your company again.
feedback Hello, my order has arrived yesterday, I was very happy when I saw it. Thank you very much.

feedback Wonderful, wonderful !!! Your package arrived today: All 4 items are fantastic !!!! Thank you very much, till the next time!
feedback The BeeBee panties and Bliss see-thru bra are just much prettier than the photos. The quality of craftsmanship is superb... much finer than i could have imagined. The items arrived the day before my anniversary. Now i can celebrate in true style. They make me feel so special!
feedback Just want to thank you so very much for making my baby doll dream come true . Love from your sissy fan RobinPantywaist in the USA
feedback I wanted to compliment you once again on your merchandise. I'm definitely hooked as a customer for a long time to come, and my Wish List seems to be expanding every time I visit this site I just received my last order a few days ago, and am loving it. Thank you
feedback I ordered queen sissy dress i am wearing her now fits perfectly thanx oh i got her on monday thanx again
feedback Hello and good evening, the items have arrived. I can't say anything. It's wonderful, it's magnifique. I am speechless. Thank you for your work and your customer service. Any time I will order such a think, I will contact you. A thousand times thank you!
feedback thank you for the beautiful Satin Ruffle Maid uniform! It just arrived today, and I had to try it on as soon as I signed for it. It is gorgeous!! I am sitting here wearing it right now as I type this note.

The workmanship is top notch, it fits perfectly, and I can't believe I actually have it in hand. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your service is excellent, and I will definitely be a return customer.

feedback Hi, Just wanted to say a great big thank you for my order which I received last week. The presentation, quality and fit of everything is fantastic!

I'm so happy:) I shall definitely be ordering from you again in the future.

feedback Another perfectly made order. You are great and I will surely order more in the future.
feedback Hello, my order has arrived yesterday, I was very happy when I saw it. Thank you for the bag collar, my Master will use it to put it on the head to punish me if I'm a naughty girl.
feedback Thank you so much for the last order.I am always so happy to wear my new outfits,the last dresses and blouse are really gorgeous,I feel so feminine and so glad to have my closet full with so many beautiful dresses you cannot see anywhere else.
feedback MY package arrived here in Vienna today afternoon ! 1000 thanks !!!!!!!!!! Second : Congratulation about design, quality, and the best PVC material I have ever seen !! The Bloomers are sooooooooooo sexy and it is a pleasure to wear them and feel the PVC at the skin/body?.. WONDERFUL ! My girlfriends will be astonished and I am sure thy would like to wear also such Bloomers or slips?. I / we will come back to you.
feedback i would just like to complement you on your website and all of your clothing! it is the best site on the net by far. i have shopped here for years now (with 3 different accounts, i think!) and never been disappointed. if could i would buy one of everything. keep up the good work.
feedback I just wanted to say, I got my PVC Panties and mask and I looooooove them. My little clitty is so hard and wet just from wearing them. Thank you for the fantastic product at such a fantastic price. I'm going to tell all my latex fetish friends about here.
feedback This place is the best! Not only do you have the best designs for all of your items, but you are true to your word for delivery time and sizing. I won't order from any place other than here from now on. Thank you so much! I love you guys and please stay in business because I follow you everyday.
feedback I have received my latest order. Wow! I couldn't be happier about the work you do. All the detail... Now I have to wait until I have some more money put aside to treat myself again.
Sylvain D
feedback OUTSTANDING. There is no other word for it. Uniform arrived yesterday, the workmanship is great and exceeds all expectations. Communication just as good. Totally faultless in everyway.
feedback I received my Alice in Wonderland Long Sissy Dress just a few days ago and love it! It is very well crafted, soft, silky and sexy. It's so comfortable, I could wear it all day long. Thank you!
Sissy T
feedback Hi. I received my satin micro mini skirt yesterday and I'm delighted with it. Thank you! I will be ordering more from your beautiful range soon.
feedback Thank u for a wonderfull clothes u delivered the sizes was perfect and the fabric superb. thank u again.
feedback Recently ordered Kara pvc vest and it is FANTASTIC THANK YOU!
Paul M
feedback My latest order arrived last week which included a pretty pink Satin Dolly, pink mincing ribbons and various panties. I haven't stopped mincing and being a very naughty girl since. Wonderful sexy things made to high quality, as usual. Thank you!
Sissy Sophie
feedback Order arrived! Fantastic work. Thanks so much.. Your products are all beautifully sewn and constructed. They are very high quality and worth the money and the wait to arrive from your location. I am saving up for new items.
feedback Hello again! I am a returning customer =) I received the order about a week ago and once again want to say a big thank you for these adorable things you've made! Everything is absolutely wonderful! Oh, and the wedding was great, I was a very happy bride in that lovely dress =)
Nuriya from Russia
feedback Hello, I've received my order yesterday and I have to admit, the quality is wonderful.
Shane M
feedback I received my Naughty Satin Panties the other day, and I just gotta say, I absolutely love them, they fit perfectly, I just made another order and CAN'T WAIT to receive it.
Subsissy B
feedback I really like the pvc skirt, it turns me on. Impressed with the quality. Plan to buy from you again in the future.
feedback I just receive my last order the fabulous Strict School Ma'am Uniform, the dress is perfect, it's really a great job. And now you need a great respect when you wear it discipline is natural.
Subsissy B
feedback I am particularly impressed with the quality and am very pleased with what you've provided.

Also, thanks for keeping me updated with the progress.

feedback The order has arrived, and very quickly too. The parcel has been wrapped and is now under the Xmas tree.

We can't wait to see them! Thanks so much for the great service and quick delivery. Will be ordering more next year probably.

Roger and Christine
feedback Just received my second large order, which was mostly custom sizing, and I'm just so delighted with the quality. It's why I'll keep ordering more. I especially like the designs that are like real world clothing (schoolie skirt, etc.) but tailored to unisex fit or available to be custom sized. I hope you'll keep adding new fabrics, colors and styles.
feedback I just received my second order today: a puff sleeve blouse, micro-minx skirt, Pandora sissy bra, Shimmering Pansy Sissy Panties, and the little sissy bag with 6 jingle bells! I am absolutely delighted! I'm so glad I found you and your wonderful products. I'm going to be a regular customer. THANK YOU!!!
Brian F.
feedback ...always gorgeous as usual.I am so happy to wear my new sexy dresses and lingerie.
Subsissy B.
feedback Hello! We received the order yesterday, and I just wanted to say many thanks for the wonderful dress with accessories, bra and panties. Everything is sooo lovely and perfect! I will be wearing all these things on my wedding day, and I'm sure this will be an unforgettable event! We will surely order again in the future.
Nuriya Nazarets, Russia
feedback I received the package late yesterday. Thank you very much for getting it to me on time. You now have a very happy, satisfied customer. Now I get to try it all on and enjoy it.
feedback Hi, my order arrived today. I was shocked at how fast it came. I have no complaints about any of the pieces I received. Everything is perfect. I was very impressed with purple bloomers. They are exactly what I wanted amd they look so lovely with the puple satin baby doll I have. I have been trying to find a perfect pair of purple bloomers to match my baby doll for over a year and now thanks to you I finally have the perfect set. The Sleepy Gurl nighty is definately my favourite piece. The purple lace with white satin is a very nice look and it's so nice to wear.
feedback I was extremely glad to receive the clothing order from your company today. The items are all correct, the sizes and colors are perfect and the quality is excellent. I am very impressed...everything is absolutely beautiful and super-sweet. You do great work. Yes, I do need more and will certainly be placing another order request soon. So I am quite happy. Please allow me to thank you very much for your time and patience and help. I very much appreciate all you have done. Also, please pass my sincere thanks to the extremely charming lady who was kind enough to travel here and deliver these delightful things to me. She was very, very nice.
feedback My order was perfect ... my wife keeps me in a lace bra and pinch panties 24/7 ... the annabelle dress is perfect ... many thanks..
Sissy Sally
feedback My order arrived today, have fallen in love with my prissy sissy dress already!
feedback I just received my Alice in Wonderland Long dress from you, and I have to say ... I don't want to take it off! It is just too beautiful and comfortable and it fits perfectly. I was a little worried about spending that much money on an outfit since I have had bad luck in the past with another company due to my size. But after my experience here, you can bet I'll be back to buy more! I just can't thank you enough!!
feedback I just received my order of a Giant Sissy Bag, breast forms, and satin lace bell cuffs. THANK YOU!!! I am both satisfied and thrilled with these products. I have more coming, and expect to be equally thrilled with those
feedback I recently purchased the Pandora Sissy Bra and Panties. They were both made very well and fit perfectly. It could not have been better. The panties have several rows of lace and are to die for. Thank you for creating such wonderful products.
feedback Hello. Just a note to tell you I've received my order and all I can say is "THANK YOU"!!! Everything is exceptionally high in quality and workmenship. My best compliment to you is that I will most definately be ordering more of your products in the near future. Thank You again and I look foreward to doing more business with you.
feedback I just received my Miss Innocent Sissy Maid Uniform with matching panties and suspender. It is my first order, and I am so delighted with it. It is the first time I get perfect fit outfit, and it is absolutely gorgeous. My Mistress is willing to receive me to punish me because it is so beautiful. I am looking forward to my second order.
feedback Thank you, I just received my Satin Peeny Pouch, and I jst wanted to thank you very much, my girl is going to have fun with this and me for getting it, thanks again!
feedback i received my Satin Minx Micro Skirt Color White yesterday and my mistress dominated me all night hummmmmmmm

She loved so much this Satin Minx Micro Skirt that i have to wear it all day today and mistress plessig have gave me the order to do this feedback to youre website and she told me to say to you that youre website is the best of fantasy clothing hummmmmmmmmm and she wanted to say to Nikky thanks to you.

Debra Travestie
feedback I want to thank you so much for all the beautiful blouses, I get so many nice comments on them on my videos. I thought if you had a minute, you might like to click on the link at the top and go right into my personal utube web site and see some of your blouses that I am wearing. I wear them all the time and truly love them!
Vikki Norris
feedback Package received on Monday. The items are beautiful. I am satisfied Thank you!
feedback today I received the Boss Bitch Skirt, the Frilly Governess Blouse and four pairs of the Two Tone Pure Satin Panties. I am wearing the Skirt and Blouse at present and they are a comfortable and perfect fit. I am also wearing a pair of the Two Tone Panties which are so sensationaly sensuous to wear, that I can't bring myself to remove them, I look and feel so very feminine. I am so enthralled with your delicious clothing, I am compeled to purchase a Satin French Maid with long sleeves, matching Panties and Suspenders. As ever, I remain a devoted customer.
feedback I just wanted to say thank you very much.. even with the postal strike i just got my cosume and now dont want to take it off. i love it so much and i will be ordering more stuff again soon from you.. i just didnt want to make to much order till i tried first but now i am happy with what i got and the sevice and delivery.. i know it was a little late thanx to the canada post strike but oh well.. i am a happy customer and will shop again.. Well thanx again.
Ray... a male in a maid
feedback Hello.I received my order to day.The dress and pettycoat and the other things are beautyfull and it fits excelent.Thank you very much.
feedback my last order arrived on time,everything is perfect, the frilly see through blouses, the short satin puff skirt which is so sexy. I am waiting next your new chastity pouches and your frilly collars and bonnets to fit with my sissymaid dresses.

I know i will please to my other sissy friends and we will play with great fun.Kisses.

Submissive Sissy Maid
feedback hey, friends! I want to thank you for that wonderful sissy luxury dress my wife karin ordered for me... it makes me drift to the "other side"... being a woman, a lady... and karin l o v e s it being her lady in light blue... you really made our nights!!! thanks again !!!
karin and michael in germany
feedback Hello! I just wanna thank You so very much for the wonderful and sexy outfit I received today. It fits me just perfect and feels just wonderful to wear. I will come back in the future with more orders when I need something special. Once again, thank You so very much.
K Andersson
feedback Thank you I have recived my order and very happy with the work done, I will be Ordering again.
feedback I had been looking forward to the delivery of my order which arrived this Saturday morning and I have to thank you for the fantastic quality and styling of all the purchases.

The roses panties are especially worth the wait and I shall enjoy wearing them when I go shopping later today. Yours is a reliable and friendly service.

sissy sophie
feedback I received the order today. Thanks for the perfect service. I'll certainly come back to you for further orders.
feedback I just received the dress and i must say it is absolutely gorgeous thank u so much. perfect for my sissy fetish.
feedback Thank you for my order. The PVC trousers are absolutely fantastic, so good to wear and very well made, the softness and the shine of the PVC is amazing.

I also really loved my previous order of satin lined PVC panties. I will be back for more!

feedback I am wearing the PVC panties all the time as my normal underwear and I feel so kinky and sexy. I have ordered another pair. Very happy with the panties. You have made me true to myself.
Happy Michelle
feedback My wife made me clean the entire house in my new outfit. Annabelle dress, sissy gloves, lace bra, pinch panties,garterbelt, stockings, 4 inch heels, bridal veil, choker, love it..
scott in PA
feedback Hi, I wanted to say how pleased i am with my sissy maid dresses, absolutely heavenly, will be back for more soon!
feedback My panties arrived today - thanks. And they are wonderful. I have bought a few!!! pairs of knickers over the years, but your stuff stands out for the quality of the fabrics, the quality of the making, and the value for money.
J Osment
feedback We've received all the items we ordered from you and in a pretty good timeframe, and while we order custom sizes on everything I must say we're extremely pleased with the fit and quality of the items.

A fabulous job and we thank you. I look forward to ordering more in the future.

feedback I just wanted to write again with regards to my order (custom catsuit) to thank you for doing so well with it. The communication was prompt, and the product itself... well, let's just say I wouldn't take it off if I didn't have to. When the time comes where I have need of another item in your catalog, I won't hesitate to place another order. Very satisfied customer who will be back for more :)
feedback I received my order today. The panties, the blouse and the skirt all fit perfect. It took a while before I got to my computer. I had to watch me in the mirror from all directions.

That skirt is amazing when I turn around and around. This satin fabric feels great ... I feel great ... I see the skirt has the long ties which makes a bowties. Although I asked not to apply this, I like it. It can stay on for the moment. Soon I will shorten my wishlist. I want more of these lovely clothing. And a few more panties ... and ... a blouse in a different color ... and ... and ...

feedback the order was on time, the quality is first class, worth its weight in GOLD.
sissy sally.
feedback I just wanted to say thank you so much. A friend ordered the Alice-in-Wonderland Short Sissy Dress for me for Christmas. My mistress loves it and so do I. It is of the highest quality.

Thank You Again.

Debbie Lynn
feedback thank you! i just received my order and it exceeded all expectations! i look forward to shopping from you in the future. thanks again!
feedback As it is now over a year since I first ordered from your amazing company, I have been instructed to write to thank you for all the beutiful items you have sent me.

The Raphaela soft-net sissy uniform in white with matching cuffs is my favourite and I am always in sissy heaven when my Mistress allows me to wear it. After completing this testimonial, Mistress Cassie has instructed me to place an immediate order for the new mincing ribbons with sissy bells on the cuffs as she says it will help me complete my sissy chores to a better standard and achieve her Level 2 expectations. Many thanks once again for your first class service.

sissy sophie
feedback Thank you for the panties that I ordered. They fit perfectly, look very sexy, and feel wonderful.

You have helped me to fulfill a fantasy that I have had since I was 5 years old (long story)! I will be shopping here quite often.

Thank you for making me feel soooo good!

feedback I received my jessica sissy panties yesterday and was thrilled beyond belief. They are a sissy's dream. While wearing them i am constantly kept in a state of arousal. the satin lining feels so wonderful against my flesh.

Thank you so much and will definitly be buying more from you in the near future.

Thanks again.

sissy tom
feedback Hi, thought i would let you know everything arrived and looks great on me !! i can't tell you happy i am in words about everything i have received so far and in finding your site :)
feedback Thank you for the delivery of my black satin French maid uniform and additional white apron. They are so beautiful, I have teamed these up with a 6" high heeled pair of black shoes and enjoy the house work so much.
C xx
feedback I am wearing my very first sissy outfit and I can't explain how wonderfully girly and sexy I feel. I am new to being a sissy and am looking forward to buying lots more loverly girly outfits to satisfy my sissy side and bring her out even more.

I ordered the Tinkerbell Petti-bow Skirt and even though it comes with a petticoat I ordered 2 bouffant petticoats (one in pink and one in white) which I wear with the skirt at the same time. Sooo many sexy sissy frills!! To complete the outfit I am wearing the Elena Sissy Panties with 3 inch higher waste so I can wear a nappy underneath and the matching 8 Clip Sissy Suspender belt with white stockings with the Delux Satin and Lace Garter to really finish off my sissy look!

I can't thank you enough for all your help and advise you have given me and you have helped turn me into the prettiest sissy I could only ever have dreamed of!!

Sissy Jenny
feedback Awesome stuff. Thank you for that wonderful Maid dresses. Keep up the good work.

feedback I was incredibly nervous about entering custom measurements for my order, but after reading through some of the positive feedback on your site I decided to go ahead with it. Now, I feel I need to add to that feedback.

The dress is a dream; cute, lovely, and oh so sweet. It fits and feels fantastic.

feedback I want to thank you all for making such great outfits! The quality is great and the look is perfect!
feedback Wonderful piece. This pvc luxury catsuit it's beautiful and it's like a second skin in my wife. She love and i love to see. Thanks.
feedback Nearly all the blouses have arrived, the last one should get here this week, I just wanted to let you know what a great job your seamstresses do, and the fit on then is just perfect. So, I wanted you and your workers to get the praise they deserve for a great job well done, sincerely appreciated.
feedback What a pleasure to send you some news. I just received a few days ago my last order, wow, really stunning and perfect like usual. We spent a great and hot Valentines with many CDs and sissies;all my new outfits were so cute and nice to wear,a great succes thanks to you!

With my bests regards,I blow you a lot of kisses.

subsissy B.
feedback Well all I wanted to say was THANK YOU!!!!! I SOOO LOVE your things, and wish I could wear ALL of them ALL of the time.. I havent had a pair of your panties in quite a while and totally forgot how amazing they are.. I am honestly SOOO thankful that I found you guys, I so enjoy your things and fell soooo comfortable purchasing with you.. Thanks again, and until my next order!!!
feedback Everything fits great! Thanks you so much. Now i am looking forward to the blouse i ordered Deep Curtsey in new maid uniform to all.
Maid Frilly
feedback Thank you for the update. I just wanted let you know I hope in the future to make other purchases from your store. You have so many beautiful items. I have been serving as a sissy maid to beautiful Mistress for almost four years. I have three black with white laced maids uniforms and the are all starting to show their wear. My Mistress wanted me to replace one of them with one of a different color. That is way i have order a pink one. Soon they will all need replacing. Thank you again and I look forward to my new uniform.
Miss April
feedback Silly sissy that I am after all this time I am still bouncing back and forth between a few of the dresses, I just LOVE them all so MUCH I wish I could afford more of them! Well a little at a time I guess, but they are all sooooo pretty and feminine, the designers have really out done themselves the past few months!

Especially LOVED the new Prissy Sissy line, they all look sooooo dreamy!! One of the models, Jessica, we chat now and then on Flickr about them.

lil gurlie sissy nikki
feedback I must send special thanks to your wonderful staff for their professional sewing skills. The garments in my last order are abolutely divine. The romper suit with the attached suspenders is ideal as I dont have to wear a seperate suspender, the fit is perfect and so comfortable to wear, I have it on as I write to you.

The PVC panties and 6 clip suspender and panty are a sheer joy as are the Abbie chiffon silk top and pantaloons. Tha saskia satin and lace slip also needs a special mention, it is so soft and comfortable that I actually wear it under my day clothes. It is a real pleasure for me, that through you I have found my true feminine side. Thank you all so much and be assured that I will definately be back. I take this opportunity to wish you and all your staff Seasons Greetings and Best Wishes for the New Year.

feedback Hello, My previous order arrived almost one month ago and it was so great I didn't find the time to tell you how great your products are. Would it be possible to order another one that would go down to the ankles (instead of above the knees) and that would be really tight on the legs? I know satin doesn't stretch, but it will just make the maid even more confined and its stride limited to only a few inches.
feedback JUST ARRIVED!!! Its fantastic, you are quick and flexible!

Just now I have exact sizes and ideas what will fit and become well to my wife so I'm sure I will make another orders in near future.


You have fantastic shop and Im looking forward for the new products in your shop.

M. Sikal, Czechoslovakia
feedback Hi there; I have just received my latest order from the sissy store, and as usual I am delighted.

My new "wispy panty skirt" is beautiful, and when worn with my new "shiny satin camisole" makes a perfect little sissy set, I got both in pink and they look a feel delightful; I also ordered a pair of "satin popper panties" which are so pretty and unusual, the best thing about the popper panties is that they allow a sissy to access her excitement simply by un-popping the front, this leaves my girly bits free to fondle and with the added benefit of leaving the satin gusset in place, which as all sissies know is wonderful.

Once again I am so delighted with my new sissy wear, and it won't be long before my next order is placed, perhaps a new dress? the choices are abundant!

Many thanks for you wonderful service, I don't know where us sissies would be without you.

feedback I just picked up my order at the Post Office on Friday just in time to wear it to serve at a Ladies Tea on Sunday. I purchased the Prissy Sissy Lala in green and white gingham. It fits perfectly!

I just want to tell you that I received many compliments from the Ladies and other sissies at the tea!

I felt like a sissy princess! Thank you all so very much!

Sissy Terry
feedback I just received my order and feel like not only giving your company praise, but giving you feedback for the website :) Thanks for the dress that so closely represents on the outside, what it feels like to have a sissy girl inner child, on the inside :)
feedback I just picked up my Trixie Dress and Delilah dreamy babydoll and I have to say that I am completely memorized and awe struck at my wondrous new items :). I put on Trixie and was just completely overwhelmed by the pink lace and frills. The absolute divine femminity I feel when i'm in it, simply cannot be described. I cannot wait to put my hair out in pigtails, do my makeup and nails and show off how absolutely amazing the dress is to my varies lady friends that know the sissy little girl i am :).

The quality is spectacular and I'm so thrilled to finally have a dress that doesn't look like it either came from a second hand store, or out of the back of my sister's closet :).

I have filled my wish-list already and will be working tirelessly to have the extra together for another dress :)

Many pink sloppy sissy kisses and snuggly hugs X

Lil Sissy Rachelle
feedback I got my order of more satin pinch panties, I love them so much.

With this order that makes a weeks worth. My sexy girlfriend Ivy got me two pairs also for Christmas. This order I also tried the PVC panties. These are so divine, i was astonished at how soft they were. When you sweat a little bit they hug your butt so well. I love these so much, and will be ordering more PVC gear in the future, skirts and pants.

I'll be using the custom sizes for those orders to get the best fit possible to make me look and feel sexy.

feedback I just wanted to write to say I'm very impressed with the quality of the clothing ordered... This was my first sissy clothing order and I have to say it won't be my last from you. Everything fits perfectly and the clothing is remarkably well made. Thanks!
feedback Thank you very much for the good service, from ordering, updating status and delivery. The items have arrived and are a good fit.

I must admit to being a little worried up front. I've had mixed results with custom order dresses before, expecially where one site appeared to simply look at the measurments and decide which standard size would fit - it didn't, and a re-order with larger measurements resulted in the same standard size being sent.

So, I am impressed and relieved with the service and know that Mistress will be delighted with the results and there are a couple of other creations that she has her eye on that can be ordered in due course with confidence.

Sissy Maid Melody
feedback Just like to say I love my last order and it fits so perfictly!!!! thank you so much. deffentally will order alot more in the near future!!. color of my dress perfict as well as the fit. love the fabric too. and just wanted to say thanks again!!!!
feedback I have just received my second wonderful order from you.

Wow! Fantastic! I took the plunge and ordered your Alice-in-Wonderland Short Sissy Dress with matching suspenders and panties, along with a load of other panties and sleepware. I feel great when wearing all your items and the quality is first rate.

If anyone is thinking about ordering but hasn't yet, I urge you too do it today! You will feel great when wearing these fantastic outfits.

Than you for making me feel wonderfully sexy!

feedback I am totally in love with your satin pinch panties! They are the best I have ever owned and I am unto 7 pairs now with the current order. Cannot wait to try the PVC ones. My question is, am I able to but the satin used in the pinch panties? I want to reline my coat with the shocking pink.
feedback I have just received my outfit, the satin Lacey Maid with long sleeves. It is lovely shows my stocking tops as I walk and a flash of panties now and again. Not that anybody else gets to see them. Thank you.
feedback New year, new collection. I just wanted to expand and complete my sissy wardrobe. Knowing you for some years,I'm happy to be back.I really love to wear your dresses and outfits,I feel so feminine I can't go order anywhere else.The quality and all made on my measurements are perfect. I'm waiting my next order with feverishness. Happy new year to all, send you lots of kisses.
Subsissy B
feedback I just received my first order. It was on time and exactly what I ordered. The outfit was of higher quaity than I could have hoped for. Nikki, you and your crew are awesome!
feedback Thank you for the beautiful dress. It really looks great and the quality is also excellent. Only the back lacing is a bit difficult to handle. Perhaps they have an indication for operation.
feedback Dear Nikki, my 2 parcels arrived today and I was so enthralled by the beautiful garments that my feminine side forces me to visit you again post haste to place another order of your exquisite clothing. When I am wearing the clothes in my current wardrobe I feel so at peace with myself that I am wearing them for longer and longer periods. The sheer joy of seeing myself in the mirror is so overwhelming that I look and feel so very feminine.

The day I found your store was the day my life seemed to change so dramatically and I am enjoying every minute of it. Thank you so much for the pleasure and peace of mind that I am now enjoying.

feedback Thank you very much, the maids outfit arrived yesterday lunch time.

I wore it in the evening and was extremely pleased. My great thanks to everyone, those that designed it, made it, shipped it so discretely in a box to avoid my pervy postman's examination, and those that kept me informed on its progress.

I had been looking for some time for what to me is a classic French maid's outfit, wide black skirt with a white apron which comes up to the chest, shortish puffed sleeves trimmed with white and the neck also trimmed in white. Your 'Barbee' maid outfit was the only one I could find which fitted my desires and the idea of being lockable got my imagination going double time.

Ree Pie
feedback I would like to thank you and your staff for the very high standard and quality of your merchandise and competitive prices.

I was so delighted and impressed with the garments in my first order, that I just had to return. This is now my 4th visit to make purchases and am fully addicted to your wonderful site.

It has so much to offer, I find it difficult to make up my mind just what to purchase. Looking at myself in the mirror wearing the beautiful attire you produce has really brought out my feminine side and I am beginning to feel and look like the little girl I have for so long, secretly longed to be. I cannot thank you enough for helping me to find out who I really want to be.

I will continue to visit you in the future to further expand my delicious wardrobe.

feedback I just received my second order from your shop and wanted to comment on how much I love the products. The quality is wonderful as usual but I especially like the way the shiny satin fabric lines the inside of the sleepsuit. I must confess that I find it hard to wear because I feel so sexy with the satin rubbing against me that I almost can't walk around without climaxing. I am a crossdresser and am not into the adult baby scene but this is so feminine that it fits right in to my wardrobe. Thank you and keep up the good work.
feedback I want to thank you for order (Prissy Sissy Lala).

I have examine the sissy dress, the panty, the petticoat, the Pinafore, and the purse. Looked at it thoroughly, then I tried on the dress, panty, petticoat. It gave me quite a hard-on when I looked in the mirror. I loved it. Probably use it for square dancing too. I loved the way it swings when I twist my hips.

Thats it I am yours as a customer and hope you stay in business forever and ever.

Rolanda Rose
feedback Perfect and thanks, your store is really fantastic, prompt customer service and a very high quality product. Plus, you carry some of the sweetest stuff available!
feedback I have just put on my newly arrived Jezebelle Sissy Maid Dress with Bouffant Petticote and Elena Sissy Panties and can't believe how sexy I look and feel in them. I can't thank you enough for this wonderful outfit, I have never felt so girly and sissy!! The only trouble is, I have got so excited that I have already made my panties wet with my sissy cum and my girlfriend is very upset with me for making my brand new panties dirty so quickly.

Thanks again for making me feel like such a sissy girl!!

feedback as usual every thing is wonderful. I received your invoice few days ago, I just tried and wore these outfits yesterday.

All the hosiery is really perfect. Last evening I chose the miss Innocent Sissymaid dress and we invited friends at home, I just wanted wear it for the duty before to change but my ladyboy refused me to change for an evening gown, this was a real success. Later at night I took the Prissy Babydoll, perfect for dancing and playing.

Still many thanks until next order. Lot of kisses.

Your Submissive Sissy Maid
feedback I am wearing my newly arrived Gillian Sissy French Maid uniform with matching garter and suspender belt and Elana Panties with a big diper in them, I feel so sissy and girly I can't thank you enough for making such wonderful sissy clothes!!
feedback What are your best achievements? Definitely one of mine was admitting to myself I might be a sissy. I have no regrets about that, especially because I have found this website. My favourite item is the Senzy Soft Satin Corset - it feels so wonderful and is different from the harder corsets you can get - it hugs the body so well. You are so inventive it staggers me.

You keep inventing things time after time after time. Wonderful! I wish you could make a China Doll in a full length, corset-body-hugging version (the one you have made recently is a bit skimpy for my taste).

Also, as one of your other customers recently said, when will you start to produce wedding gowns? Like him I would definitely buy one. Please pass on my best wishes to all of your wonderful employees who make our dreams come true.

feedback I just received the Katya cat suite and it's a perfect fit. I am very impressed that you corrected the problem so quickly and offered to replace the lost suite free of charge.

I will definitely check your site first when I need more costumes and accessories.

Paul Cosmas
feedback We received the order today!

oooooooh how pretty, cute and sweet! tremendous job THANK YOU!

Michael Oberlin
feedback Hi You See I Done 2 orders Because I Love Your Shop I'm Addicted By Your Shop Because There Are So Beautiful Skirts That Makes Me Excited BY All Your Skirts I'm A Big Fan Of Satin Skirts And I Wanna Thank You For Your Shop BIG KISS
feedback wahoo! a load of lovely new sissy stuff all perfect. love you guys you are the best
feedback Dress and accessories arrived at 8.00 a.m. this morning. I've been trembling ever since!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A big thankyou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be purchasing again.

I didn't think I'd be as I was in my early years when this lovely trait of mine first made "her" way out me.

Megan S
feedback I just received my new sissy dress Isabella and as I am wearing it now it is fantastic. The fabrics are so hot and I want to walk in my new dress the whole day. My mistress is very delighted with the dress
feedback To anyone considering your shop, let me share my story. First of all I did a lot of searching, and this place has the best dresses (and more) of ANY website I went to. Not withstanding I sent at least 10 e-mails asking for sizing/pricing help, and they always responded promptly and knowledgably (Special thanks to Nikki!). I ordered the Satin Pretty Baby Dress, the baby frilly sissy panties, and the bell cuffs.

It was a big purchase and a big decision, so I sent my measurements to make sure it would fit. When everything arrived, it was exactly how it looked on the site, well made, high quality, but then....the dress was too tight and the panties were baggy in the crotch! I assumed the company would just blow me off and I'd be stuck with few options. However, when I contacted you, you asked for me to send everything back.

The measurements checked out on both sides so I couldn't blame them. Then I asked what the up-charge was to alter it. Unfortunately, that wasn't possible without making an entire new set! Amazingly, they only billed me for materials AND made the dress shorter at no additional charge. Well, I got everything back and it's PERFECT. No American company I've dealt with in recent years would have gone through such lengths to make a customer happy, and the dress is stunning. You will not regret this experience. Highly recommended!

Andrew - U.S.A
feedback I collected my parcel today from my friends shop, where it was safely delivered yesterday. When she saw what I had bought she was amazed. She thought the Daphne knickers were cute but said that the Abbie pantaloons were absolutely gorgeous and a very flattering style.

I have now tried them and can only send you my thanks for making such remarkable clothing. They are everything I imagined, and more. They look very well made and it will be a pleasure to wear them. The gloves also fit well by the way. Many thanks

Mikki XX ( in Abbies !! )
feedback Thank you very much for the prompt service on sewing and shipping my order. The quality of the dress is impeccable. Thank you again, I compliment you on your quality workmanship.
feedback I received my order and I am more than satisfied! Your products are amazing! Congratulations and thank you!
Julie, France
feedback I wanted to say firstly the more I wear my Satin Serving Maid dress the more impressed I am with it's quality. It is a credit to your staff to have created such a beautiful piece of clothing that fits so snuggly. Thank-you again for this exquisite treat to dress in. If you'll pardon my sharing, the lovely irony is that I enjoy it so much that I want to ration the thrill, and so at my invitation my beautiful wife and queen now makes me 'earn' the privilege of dressing in it through completing a range of 'tasks' - 5x cooking dinner, 5x washing the dishes, 5x an orgasm for her.

Of course once it is on and locked in place I have to again earn my release through further loving service on top of that - more cleaning, cooking and attention to her needs and desires. Its a win-win situation all round for a submissive sissy like me, and my darling Lucy certainly isn't complaining!

Secondly, thank-you for posting my earlier feedback on your website. It gives me a special thrill to know that my closet secret is now 'out there' on the web, albeit discretly.

Sissy Hubby Russell
feedback My parcel arrived safely this morning. Thank you for arranging the secific date.

The short skirts fit perfectly and are so cute. They are just the right length to show of the gorgeous Miss Twinkle Panties when standing normally. I do love it when my panties are on display at all times.

I must wear my baby blue Bianca Sheer Skirt with my matching Miss Twinkle Panties to my club when I visit next.

feedback Thanks ever so much for your help. They have arrived and your service has been excellent.

feedback Hello Thomas here, my babydoll arrived this morning it fits like an absolute dream, I feel so sissy and sexy and girly wearing it, My partner and I have just had the most amazing sex, Thanks to everyone @ your shop
feedback Congratulations!!!!!! All the clothes are beautiful. I like use woman clothes, bra, babydolls, slips, wedding dresses, corsets, make up, sissy dresses and of course petticoats. I will buy then in the next weeks
Marcelo L
feedback Hi Nikki, thanks so much for all your help with this, it all arrived this morning and I've had plenty of fun with all the items as you could imagine and am currently wearing them now feeling completely delighted!

The quality of the dress is unreal!

A Jones
feedback i just received the 2 orders today and i'm totally excited by theses 2 skirt and specially by the Satin Sassy Skirt i love it because when you turn around the skirt fly but i love the Satin Pleated 11" Mini Skirt too because she is short you can see the panties hummmm i just wanna thank you nikki your shop is the best thanks thank you nikki, you are so sweet
Debra Trav
feedback I love your store! I have never seen so many beautiful items in one place! I also love how you can custom order your specific size. That's a huge deal for me since I'm a perfect hourglass, and it's hard finding clothes that accommodate both my chest and hips. Not only that, but the wide range of colours, and choices are amazing. I have never seen a shop like yours ever, and I'm so glad my friend showed me this.
feedback Hi. Just a 'Lovely' note to tell you: I Received the GORGEOUS femme garments; and I 'LOVE' them SOOO much. I "wish".....but wishes NEVER do COME true. (At "least" not for me.) Sweet ALL your Beautiful "SISSY" garments.
feedback Thank you so much for your well-made items. My wife and I "play" with a little BDSM role reversal now and then and sometimes I feel a little silly dressing for her fantasies. At least with the things I've gotten from you, and what I plan to get in the near future, I can look as good as a guy in a maid's uniform can. And I will add: Bodily better than any of the make-shift maids I've seen on so many web-sights out there.

I'll send you a photo when I get half-good at make-up. Thanks for your time and thank you for your great stuff!!!

Robert P II
feedback Hi to one and all. Thank you for the prompt service. Lots of lovely items were delivered a couple of days ago and I write this wearing one of the fantastic dresses. I hope to trade with you again in the near future.
feedback I just received my order, the satin Pinch Panties. I have over 500 pairs of panties, from dollar specials to $120 La Perla.. and these are by the best panties I have ever owned.

The accent my butt and make me feel divine. You can expect many more orders from me in the future. If I had the money I'd buy a ton more. :-D I love your store.

feedback hello i received my skirt today and hummmmmmm she is so smooth and sexy i love that silky satin when i touch it. My Mistress dominatrix said that you're shop is the best thanks you
feedback I received my Cristal maids uniform last week and it's absolutely gorgeous! And it fits perfectly. I look forward to placing many more orders with you.
feedback Just wanted to say that I have now received my new Miss Twinkle sissy dress and am absolutely delighted with it - I'm now able to serve my wife/mistress/queen/goddess in true sissy style and ensure I look wonderful in this beautiful dream sissy dress - truly a dream come true!!

The quality of the product is amazing, attention to detail spectacular and communication and feedback about custom sizes and order updates the best I have ever had from ANY on-line supplier - you girls are truly amazing and the outfit was worth every penny - we will certainly be shopping with you again.

Sissy Husband Phillipa
feedback I received my order and was thrilled!!!

In a few days I will be placing my next order.

Do you have any plans for adding wedding dresses to your product line? If so I will purchase a couple.

feedback Hello Ladies: I want to thank you as I just received my order and everything has been just ( word does not do it justice) WOW - fantastic - dream come true - enticing - exciting are just a few that come to mind.
I will be back soon with another order.

Sissy Wonder Maid
feedback Your promptness in delivering the skirt was excellent. I love it!!! The material is soft and comfortable, the color bright, and the pleats cute. I enjoy wearing it when home just to relax in. The adjustable straps are perfect as I can adjust the skirt from mid-thigh length to tushy length. I am very satisfied!!!
Thank You,

feedback Thanks for the great products you offer. The shipping is well worth the wait and you can expect much business from me and my wife in the future. Thanks again!
feedback Thank-you for my simply gorgeous Miss Twinkle Satin Panties and Satin Serving Maid dress which arrived today. They are exquisitely made and thanks to your custom service they fit like a glove. Putting them on I feel every bit the serving sissy that I long to be, and my dear wife and queen enjoys the attention that I long to lavish on her.

You have just helped add a delightful new spark into our relationship.

Sissy Hubby Russell
feedback Further to my recent order, all items arrived safely. Absolutely delighted with your beautiful clothes,
many thanks,

feedback Hi Nikki. I received my order yesterday and I am very happy with it. You made everything just right for me. I am also very happy with the business transaction.

Your company is great at keeping us customers very up to date on the orders that we place. I will be very happy to order from you again. Thank you

feedback The mailman just delivered my first order. I rushed to the bedroom and ripped open the packet. Oh, what lovely goodies lay within, I looked at them all and felt the fabulous material, then decided to wear the baby blue French knickers. I slipped into them, Oooooh, how gorgeous!

Such a feeling! Such quality! I will be making more orders. Love you all.

Sissy boy
feedback I have my order received today. its beautiful and the quality is great. Many regards
feedback have received my order hummmmmmmmm i love the satin skirt i masturbate my self with the skirt all day with the nun hat hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

thanks you nikki i appreciate your store i'm really happy thank you

feedback Cosplay Schoolie Skirt and Full-Body Satin Maids Pinafore. The Skirt Is So Sexy And SILKY HUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM I Love it This Time There Is No Problem I Love masturbate myself in this skirt thank you nikki my Mistress love that shop
feedback Hi, received parcel, thanks for a fast delivery. Very pleased with the dress better than described. Thanks,
feedback Like many other CDs i am a bit wary of buying dresses because they never quite fit or match the dream when they arrive. Usually they end up back of the wardrobe and never worn. After buying some standard panties and dresses I know the quality of your products and finally thought i'd enter my body sizes on your website and order a news dress.

My recent order for Sissy Cristina in white with matching white panties arrived.

Opening the parcel i had an idea in my head that i would regret paying so much money. Soon as I saw my dress i got the shock of my life. PERFECT. I put on my stockings and then this frilly dream of a dress and panties.

Great quality and they fit perfect. I don't want to take them off - EVER. 'Cristina' dress and panties are worth every penny. Thank you Now, will need to look at something frilly in purple satin, or maybe blue, so many choices.

Please send my thanks and best wishes to all your staff and the highly skilled seamstresses in your workshop who made 'Cristina' for me.
Best wishes

Ray, Northamptonshire
feedback Hi I'm with you several times already and I want Ordered in this way just once Bedanken. Es is all beautifully and fits all would gleich. Ich back to order in any event. Thanks also for the changes they had made for me. I can only recommend it. Greetings from Germany
feedback Hi ! My name is Sabrina and I am a transgendered maid from Germany. My boyfriend wanted me to order the "Satin French Maid Dress with long sleeves" in black and the "Xara Maid Dress with long sleeves" in purple, to look more sexy as a maid, when I serve him.

When the dresses arrived one morning, I was very excited because I just hoped they would be as beautiful as they are on the photos. And they are !!! They are soooooooo beautiful and the fabrics feel so good on my skin. When my boyfriend came home from work, I opened the door - dressed in the "Satin French Maid Dress with long sleeves", he was delighted how beautiful his maid was. I also ordered the "fembot" babydoll in black and I have to tell you it is soooooooooooooooooo beautiful. My boyfriend just loves to see me in it and - being a crossdresser -I feel absolutely feminine in it.
Thank you very much !!

feedback (My order Trixie dress) Arrived yesterday before time and is what is described in the description and pics!
So glad i brought from you and will do again.

feedback Mistress Cassie has instructed me to write a thank you from the bottom of my sissy heart for the incredibly beautiful items she received from your company this week. She was so impressed with the efficiency of your service and the high quality of the garments which she says exceed the descriptions on your web site.

She has me dressed in my sissy outfits now with baby frilly panties in order to write this before commencing my household duties. She has declared that she regards her discovery of your products as a tipping point in my transformation. Another order has already been sent and we are already counting off the days to delivery. What a great service providing for any sissy's dreams.

sissy sophie
feedback I received the panties today, they are marvelous, love them.

You will certainly get more business from me.

feedback Thank you for my order of a maid's dress. I am wearing it now with my Bambi briefs. I may not look as good as your model, but they feel oh so good. I will make more orders in the future. Once again Thank you
Mr G B
feedback Hi, As i write this i am wearing the most gorgeous thing i have ever owned. My red Prissy Sissy Lacey dress with matching panties, suspenders and garter arrived today. I just adore it.

The way the sissy petticoat forces the dress to stand out is wonderful and show off my panties nicely without even having to slightly bend over.

The matching suspender belt is nice too especially when supporting my black seamed stockings and i love the frilly garter. I will be wearing this on Wednesday when i visit the club i go to where i am sure i will receive lots of attention.

I cannot wait to save up and order an Emerald Green Maids Outfit with matching suspenders and a pair of Emerald Green Kiki Panties. Thank you all so much.

feedback hi i received my Order this morning and i am sooooooooooo happy the Satin Nun Habit (hat) is so hummmmmmmm PVC Medical Mask and the Carly Satin Adult Baby Bib i cant wait for the satin high-waist Strap Skirt to go with theses accessories. hummmmmmmmmmmmmm my mistresse dominatrix plessing said that your store is so good and there is more orders to come hummmmmmm
debra trav
feedback Thank you so much for my recent order. I love my pink Annabel sissy dress, baby frilly sissy panties and Elena satin bra. They are so pretty and feel so wonderful to wear.
feedback Wow - omg i received my sissy dress's and panties yesterday and i am amazed- they are gorgeous, i look the mincing sissy i love to be while wearing them - i love them and the quality is very good looking forward to having some fun in them :) me thinks i will be posting some pics and videos soon

feedback Hello and Good Afternoon! Beautiful neck Chokers arrived Yesterday... Thank You VERY much for fast and honest service! I will be back again with new orders...

You have SO much exiting in stock... Have a nice weekend! Virtual flower delivered!

Sylvia - from Northern Norway
feedback Let me say a big THANK YOU. I placed an order for a corset and it was delivered quicker than I thought would be possible, it even arrived in time for my wife's birthday. When she opened the parcel she was delighted with it and tried it on straight away and it looked superb, we have already nicknamed it 'viagra'!

The difference between a proper corset and the kind of basques/corsets you can usually buy is amazing. Keep adding more in this range.

happy husband, Mike
feedback Over the last couple of months I've made several purchases from the Sissy Store, and I have to say your products are a delight. My sissy collection now has a very sissy dress "Annabel", which when worn with the net underskirt is beautiful to wear, I also bought several pairs of sissy knickers, "Mary", "LuLu", "Vanessa" and a pair of "Baby Sissy Frilly Pants", they are all an absolute dream, lovely soft satin with lots of gorgeous lace trimmings; I also bought a red "Renee" wig which finishes my sissy look wonderfully.

Having bought sissy clothes in the past from a different supplier I have to say that your products are real quality, and value for money too. When I dress in my new clothes I feel totally feminine, and very sissy indeed. Many thanks for a wonderful service and a delicious web-site; with your help my sissy dreams are coming true.

Fiona Sissy
feedback I have to thank you and your staff. my outfit fits to a T and I love the craftsmanship your staff provided. I plan on shopping a lot more at your store. thanks again
feedback WOWWW!! Thanks a lot!! I'm very pleased for all the service thanks a lot!
feedback Hello, I have received my dress today, and would like to thank you for it. It is beautiful, it fits nicely, the material is luscious and the panties are fantastic. I am looking forward to many household chores encased in this delightful sissy uniform.
feedback Hi there, we,re so glad to have found your site; .... . your creations are just so dreamy and adorably frou-frou. With regard to your frilly panties, you offer them with optional higher cut waistband etc, but can you have them with extra ruffles, especially 'sur le derrier' (on the rear) please as these would make them extra soft 'n fluffy. There are some tanga styles that are just crying out for extra fluff so the ruffles would flow uninterrupted down the whole botty like a lovely frilly waterfall.

Your models are so pretty too, are any of them ladyboy models, they're so convincing we just can't tell. To have a figure and hair like that....sigh?! Look forward to hearing from you.

Johnnie n rache
feedback Hi !!!! Being a TV, I have a lot of sexy lingerie, dresses, skirts and heels, but this babydoll is my absolute favourite and my boyfriend loves it, too. It is very seductive and I feel so feminine in it. Now I am looking forward to the "Dorothy Gingham sissy dress" and the "Satin Maids Bag" I ordered.

I will be a regular customer now and there are more dresses I really want to have in my closet - like the "Monique Satin French Maid Uniform". Next week I will make some pics of me wearing your products. looking forward to it !!.

feedback I received the PVC Ruffle Maid dress today. I took it of the box and tried it on and it felt like so sissy like. My Mistress told me that you will wear it from now on cleaning the house for me. I am forced to buy more fashions from you. I will be taken out in the public to show my new outfit.

I have all the items that goes with the dress. I will be wearing boots with maid dress. Please advise me of other fashions that i should buy to keep Mistresses happy? I want prissy sissy fashions that look like a sissy girl.

Sissy maid Laura from Tucson, Arizona
feedback Hello! My order for shiny French knickers in red and gold satin arrived today and I wanted to thank you so much because they are simply gorgeous! They are a perfect fit, I adore the delicate lace trim and it was such a delight to slip into the sumptuously silky material, so soft to the touch both inside and out. It sent shivers down my spine!
sissy maid Rosie
feedback I just bought the prissy sissy lacy dress in baby blue, and it is an absolute dream to wear. I never imagined that I would find a dress that is this feminine. I love the the ultra-sissy shape of the dress as well as the look and feel of the satin and the amazing frilly satin detailing that makes it look so pretty. I also bought some pretty accessories that have really enhanced the look of the dress.

Your Shop has an amazing range of feminine clothes and accessories thought suit all of my different moods. I love browsing to see if there are any new items to enhance my outfits.

feedback I just received my order today, exactly as promised. The Emanuelle dress and petticoat is beautiful. The Sweet Sissy Maid dress fit perfectly. My girlfriend can not wait to put me to work in it. My girlfriend just said I adore your dresses. We WILL be back for more.
Claudia, NC USA
feedback Hello, I was thrilled to receive my order today. Everything is perfect and I'm very pleased. Thanks for keeping me posted and the time and trouble you put into everything.
feedback I ordered the kiki ruffled panties and want to thank you for a quality product!! and was received very quickly considering it was a custom order. They are wonderful. thank you very much.
L. M.
feedback Hi there, I received my order today, WOW!!! I have bought designer clothes and the quality was not so great BUT... YOU GUYS REALLY DONT SKIMP ON ANYTHING!! I really cant fault my items, the attention to detail is amazing, inside the garments and outside, the satin is the best quality my skin has ever had the pleasure of touching!!! Again WOW!!! My order was supposed to be be a Christmas present for my beautiful Mrs but i really don't think i can wait another 24 days.... Thank you so much for DOING IT ALL RIGHT!!!! Oh and i really cant wait for my next order which WILL be very very soon
feedback Thank you so much for my satin French maid uniform. I absolutely love it! I am wearing it now with a pair of high heels. I also love the matching panties. It just feels so wonderful to wear. Thank you again. I'm sure I will be ordering something else from you in the future.
feedback Hello Ladies, Just received your order and tried them on, don't know if I'll ever want to take them off, the panties feel wonderful, the quality of every thing I ordered is excellent, I truly made the right move when I ordered your fantasy fashions. I am in heaven.
feedback I received my order today! Thank you so much for the Annabel dress and frilly panties. I love them! I am wearing them right now. They are so pretty and lacy. I feel so wonderful. I love the satin dress with the pretty lace hem. I love the way the petticoat lifts the skirt of the dress. I am in heaven.Thank you so much.
feedback Hi, today I received my item. Thanks. You have the most pretty clothes and your shop and your items drives me crazy every time I'm going on your internet site(in positive meaning). See you later..
feedback I just received my two items; Jessica Sissy Panties and Mimi Lace-trim soft Satin Panties. All I can say is WOW! You guys rock! I am definitely going to order from your company again.

The quality and fit are the best. Well worth the money I spent. Thank you for being there.

feedback My dear Nikki, It is DELIGHTFUL and DELICIOUS --- THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH ... I picked up the lovely sissy dress from my PO today when I got home from my Christmas visit to the mid-west .... Thank you so very much!! I'm going to wear it for the New Year's Eve party I'm attending!!
Sissy Stephanieusly
feedback Just a short note, to tell you I got the parcel today and everything is very nice and well fitting! Thank you so much! I'm looking forward to place my next order!
from Germany. Peter
feedback Hello. Thank you very much! The package with the beautiful dress and all other things is here today arrived! The color is very nice and the ruffles are enchanting. Incredibly sweet and cute! It went very quickly - this is not to believe! It is a very fitting dress for a Prissy Sissie and I am very happy! I am very happy that I would not have suspected!
feedback I am now wearing my Satin Nanny Blouse along with my Valentina flowing skirt. They are amazing! The fit is perfect. Your clothes are a pleasure to wear. Look for another order very soon.
feedback As usual, delivery was prompt. As usual, the item was absolutely gorgeous and as usual, I had a great time wearing them. So as usual, thank you very much.
feedback I ordered a beautiful maidout fit for my house maid. Top quality. She looks beautiful.
feedback Thank you for the beautiful way you present your shop. The items arrived very quickly and really are as good as they looked - I will definitely buy from you again soon!
feedback Hello. The blouse I ordered is excellent. Very good quality and it fits! I will certainly be back for more.
feedback I'm a person that it is important to tell people when the have done somthing good, as well bad. There for I'm writing you to let you know that I'm so pleased with the quality of your products and pleasent suprised.

Normal the quality when ordering from the china, japan and so, is not verly good. But I'm so happy doing business with you, that I'm sure that over time I will place lot of orders at your store :-) Thank you so mutch for being a serious dealer in this line of products.

I'm looking forward to do business with you in the future.

Svend, Denmark
feedback My order for satin panties arrived today - only four days after ordering! The quality is fantastic - and I will be making more orders I am sure.
feedback Hello. The dress arrived today and my girlfriend is very happy with it. Thank you for your excellent service in this matter.
feedback Hi. Just a note to say thanks for all your help in organising my delivery which was delivered safely, exactly as arranged. The clothes are every bit as good as your service - my new Candy panties, suspender and camisole set looks wonderful and feels even better. I'm wearing it now - in fact I can't take it off! This is my first sissy lingerie and wearing it is better than I dreamed it would be.
feedback Hello, I have just received my first order that I have placed with you, and can only say that I am amazed at the quality and value for money that I have got. I came across you site purely by accident and must admit that it was a long time before I decided to place an order, things looked to good to be true?? The made to measure service is great, and I can assure you there will be more to come. Must go now, I am about to be locked into my new lockable maids uniform to start work. Hope you all have a good Easter (as I know I will.)
feedback Hi Nikki. I wanted to thank you very much for being so patient with me with all my silly long emails about the sizing. You were absolutely right in telling me not to be worried!!!!! In the past I have ordered online only to be very disappointed with the size either way too big or too small and then the hassle of getting it changed. My Mimi Sissy dress is very beautiful, in fact I'm wearing it as I'm typing this email, the fit is the best I have ever had, as if it were made for me, and my Master thinks I look very pretty in it too.
Maid tara